1840 - MS, LaFayette Co., [As transcribed by Peggy Calk]
In the Name of God Amen
I William Redwine weak in boddy but sound in mind and memory as is
appointed for man to die and afte that Judgement. I make this my last
will and testimony. First I will my spirit to God who gave it and my
boddy to the dust from whence it came. As touching the worldly goods
that All mighty God has bestowed on me I wish all my just dets paid. I
then give and bequeath to my dear beloved Wife Jane my lands and
servants and stock of every kinds and goods and chattles and the whole
that I am worth during her Natural life should Jane see propper to move
she can sell the land at her own pleasure and after her departure I give
all the benefits arising from Nancy to Francis Matthews the said Negro
to be hired out by my execuetrix every year and the said Francis
Matthews and her children to enjoy her proffits or her hire or bid her
of at the sale as she may see proper should frances Mathes Decease I
wish then to sd negro nance to return to the family again and her
children receive one hundred dollars out of her Value or out of my
Esstate I then give and bequath to all my daughters one hundred Dollars
Each Vz. Sintha Kelly MalindaHunt, Luviza R Malden, Harriett M Mathes and
I wish Catharine Joisey and Deana & Asberry Chappel Sewe My grand
children to have one hundred dollars out of my Esstate that is twenty
five dolla Each and Jane R Sewel Two hundred dollars Should thare be any
over after all Expencis is paid I wish it to be Equeally devided among
all my Children and Sewels orphants coming as one Child. Should the
above named nigro nance die before the devition I wish Frances Mathiss
then to come in and draw an Equeal Share with the rest of my
Children____Should William C. Redwine Jun fail to pay the hire of a
Certain negro man by the name of Jeff I then wish my Executrix to sell
him at sufficent time for the use of Joshua Sewels hiers as
administrator for Said Josshua sewel as the papers will show I wish no
letters of appraisment on my Esstate at all and my Executrix to give no
securety. Should William C. Redwine pay punctualy the hire of sd Jess I
whish my wife Jane Redwine to make a presant of sd. negro Jess to him__I
here by appoint Hullum D Redwine and Thomas Malden as Executrix to the
above named will given under my hand and seal this Eighteenth day of
september 1840
John Wilson Wm Redwine (signed)
Jesse Tatum
Wm M Moring
scanned document- PDF Version -  William C Redwine's will - 1.9megs, 8 pages, 8.5 x 14 , pdf format- Thank you Sally Lucius

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