Stories of Our Lives
and Our Loved Ones
The following links are stories told by our family. I have had fun listening to these as a child and as an adult. I hope you find them as intriguing as I do. some of them might get a little graphic but you have to remember the times we are talking about. All I can say is there didn't seem to be a boring moment!
This page will be updated frequently!
If you have a family story that might fit in here, I would be happy to put it up. Just email me and let me know.
Jungle Town- This story is about Delmar and Howard Rawls in the 1940's. They were quite the pair. As told by VR Rawls their nephew.
Wash Day- A story about Martha Loretta Cranford Rawls, memories of her. As told by Cyd Rawls.
A letter From Sally Vesey Spiva ca 1941- This letter tells about the old days. Sarah Elizabeth "Sally/Eva" Vesey was married to Henry Evan Spiva, b. ca. 1872 . Great letter contributed by Jan Dunham!
The diary of Mary Sophia Adams Goodrum
The following transcribed excerpt is from the Journal of Mary Sophia Adams Goodrum's Journal (Joseph Rawls' grand daughter) that I received from Betty Worley.... The first transcriptions is a story of her grandmother during the Revolutionary War written in 1878.

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