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Mary Rackley, daughter of John Rackley III and his wife Mary of Bute (=
present-day Franklin) County, N. C. (Ref. 1), was born about 1735. She and
James Hunt were married about 1753, judging by the date of birth given for
their oldest known child (Ref. 2),
Born 24 July 1732 (Ref. 2), James was a son of Henry Hunt (ca.
17001750/1751) and his wife Agnes (Ref. 3). Henry and Agnes Hunt were John
and Mary Rackley's neighbors on the north side of the Tar River just a
short distance downstream from the present-day town of Louisburg. Henry and
his family moved to the area from Brunswick County, Va., about 1742 (Ref.
4-6), but he was born in Surry County, Va. (Ref. 7). Henry was a son of
William Hunt (son of William Hunt and his wife Sarah) and Sarah Wyche
(apparently a daughter of Henry Wyche).
Henry Hunt's will (Ref, 3) was dated 13 November 1750 and recorded in
Granville (Franklin) County, N. C., in March of the following year.
Executors were James, who was then under 21 years of age, and his mother,
who married William Edwards on 2 November 1752 (Ref. 52). James received
"land above my plantation whereon I now live adjoining Buffalo Ck., &
Negro Boy, Cato," John Rackley's 1769 Bute County will (Ref. 1) named Mary
Hunt as a daughter and left his homeplace to his grandson Henry Hunt, who
was only about 14 years old at the time. James Hunt was an executor along
with Person Rackley.
James served with several of the Rackley men in Capt. Benjamin Simms
Company of the Granville Militia (Ref. 9). James Hunt owned two tracts of
land in addition to that inherited from his father. On 28 October 1761
James purchased 160 acres on the north side of Tar River on Buffalo Branch
from John Stallion [= Stallings?] (Ref. 10). That tract was part of 640
acres granted to Osborn Jeffreys in 1752 and described in the deed to
Stallion as "land at the upper line of land formerly of Henry Hunt." On 6
March 1789, George Hunt deeded his brother James 140 acres on the north
bank of Tar River (Ref. 12). That property was the Henry Hunt homeplace,
which George had inherited from their father.
James took the Oath of Allegiance in Bute County in February 1778 (Ref,
13) along with his brother George, his son James, and other men living in
Capt. Milner's District. In the September 1786 term of court, James, James
Jr., George, William, and Moses Hunt were appointed to work on the road
from Buffalo Creek to The Granery (Ref. 14). James and Mary remained in
Franklin County until after the birth of their youngest child (Ref, 2) and
until after the 1790 census (Ref. 15). On 6 October 1796, they sold all 575
acres of their land on the north side of the Tar River adjoining Buffalo
Creek to Henry G. Williams (Ref. 16). Witnesses were George Tunstall, Sion
Hunt, and W. A. Simmons. Shortly thereafter, James and Mary moved to
Tennessee County, N. C., a region that became known as Robertson County
and Montgomery County when the State of Tennessee was established in 1796.
On 19 July 1797, James bought land in Robertson County (Ref. 17,18).
Mary Rackley was still living when James Hunt died in Robertson
County. Dated 22 August 1803, his will (Ref. 19), was proved in the
February 1805 term of court. His inventory, dated 13 April 1805, included
640 acres of land, two slaves, five horses, 17 cattle, 70 hogs, three feather beds, a shotgun, a rifle, two spinning wheels, a Bible, a hymnal, two books of sermons, and four volumes of Fletcher's Works.
Mary's date of death and the place of burial for James and Mary are unknown. Names and dates of birth for the children of James and Mary Hunt are taken from Willis Hunt's Day Book (Ref. 2).
1. HENRY HUNT b. 17 Sept. 1755
2. LUCY HUNT b. 18 May 1757 d. 4 Nov. 1846
m. John Teasley (ca. 1775) d. 1816, Montgomery Co., Tenn,
3. MARY HUNT b. 16 Apr, 1759 m. Joshua Jones
4. MOSES HUNT b. 18 June 1760 d. 1842, Elbert Co., Ga. m. Tamar Tyner
5. JAMES HUNT JR. b. 6 June 1762, Franklin Co.NC d. 23 Mar. 1832, Elbert Co., Ga.
m. Jemima Carter (11 Nov. 1790, Wilkes Co., Ga.)
6. SHADRACK HUNT b. 11 Apr. 1764 d. ca. 1847 m, Elizabeth Whitehouse (bond, 27 Dec. 1789, Franklin ., N.C.; Ref.
7. AGNES HUNT b. 27 July 1766 m. Conrad Coon(e)
8. WILLIAM HUNT b. 9 Nov. 1768 d. after 1830 census m. Frances Lewis
9. MATTHEW HALE HUNT b. 26 Apr. 1771 d. 1832, Tenn. m. Nancy Kilbro/Kimbro (bond, 13 Nov. 1797, Davidson Co., Tenn.; Ref. 38)
10. SION HUNT b. 30 Sept, 1773 d. 1851 t m. Rebecca Dunham/Durham
(bond, 11 Feb, 1801, Davidson Co., Tenn.; Ref. 38)
11. JUDITH HUNT b. 9 Aug. 1777 m. Abner Gupton (bond, 30 Aug. 1796, Franklin Co., N.C.; Ref. 23)
12. JOHN HUNT b. 24 May 1781 d. 1850/1860 m. Elizabeth Bryant b. 1801 d.
1860 census


Henry Hunt, eldest child of James and Mary Rackley Hunt, was born 17
September 1755 (Ref. 2) in present-day Franklin County, N.C. John Rackley's
1769 will (Ref. 1) left his homeplace to his grandson, Henry Hunt, who was
only about 14 years old at the time. In 1778, Henry took the Oath of
Allegiance along with his father and his Uncle George, so they could vote
in the forthcoming first state election (Ref. 13). In March 1796, Henry
and James Hunt sold John Foster Jr. 480 acres "which is the same land &
plantation whereon the said Henry Hunt now lives" (Ref. 8). Using his full
signature, Henry signed first; James signed second, using an X as his mark.
The boundaries included Tar River, "Eal Root-Bottoms," and Sycamore
Creek, landmarks that indicate the property may have included the 130 acres Lucretia and David Anthony received in 1764 as a gift from her father, John Rackley, and sold to a James Hunt on 4 September 1775 (Ref. 11).
The question is: Which James Hunt used a mark to sign the joint deed of sale to John Foster Jr. in 1796? Henry's father James signed his name in full when he sold his land to Henry G, Williams on 6 October 1796 (Ref. 16); it is unlikely that he would have used a mark in March of that same year. Henry's brother James Jr. was a resident of Georgia in 1796 (Ref. 7); had he been an absentee landowner, the deed would have indicated his place of residence. Catherine Bond Gheesling (letter to EFP, 6 Feb. 1993) suggested that the James of the Joint deed was an otherwise undocumented son of Henry Hunt, and thus a grandson of James and Mary Rackley Hunt. Born in 1755, Henry was certainly old enough to have an adult son by 1796; however, in 1775 Henry was only 20 years old and not at all likely to have a son who was buying real estate. It appears that the original purchaser of the Anthony land was Henry's father James, who gave the property to his eldest son with a provison that it would go to Henry's son James at the time of Henry's death. In that case, the younger James would have had to sign the deed in order for Henry to give the purchaser a clear title to the property. Although no deed has been found that transfers ownership of the Anthony tract from James to Henry, the 1796 deed (Ref. 8) clearly indicates that all of the land was received through inheritance: "... the said Henry & James Hunt at the time of the sealing and delivery of these presents are seized and possessed of a good sure perfect & indefensible Estate of
Inheritance in fee simple in and to the above Bargained & Sold land and premises. Furthermore, analysis of John Rackley's land transactions indicates that the homeplace willed to Henry Hunt contained about 360 acres. The Anthony tract contained 130 acres. The total of 490 acres is only 10 more than the 480 acres given in the Henry and James Hunt deed of sale. Taking into consideration the "more or less" factor involved in most land surveys of the period, a 10-acre discrepancy is insignificant.
The March 1796 date of the sale suggests that Henry and James were preparing to accompany, or perhaps precede, Henry's parents in the move to Tennessee (Ref. 17,18). James Hunt's will (Ref, 19) left Henry $1, which further suggests that Henry had received his inheritance during the father's lifetime.
A Henry Hunt was taxable in Robertson County, Tenn., in 1812 (Ref. 53) and head of a household there in 1820 (Ref. 48). A census matrix (Ref. 22) suggests that Henry and an unidentified wife had two sons born between 1774 and 1790 and as many as four daughters born prior to 1790. In 1820 Henry's household included a female born prior to 1775 and four children born between 1794 and 1820, probably grandchildren. The two males born between 1774 and 1790 are believed to have been the James of the 1796 deed of sale (Ref. 16) and the Jorden Hunt who was taxable in Robertson County, Tenn., in 1812 (Ref. 53) and head of a household there in 1820. Jorden Hunt appears to have had a wife and six children, four daughters and two sons, born between 1804 and 1820, His household was not found on the 1830 census or later. A James the right age to have been Henry's son does not appear as head of a household on the 1820 or 1830 census of Robertson County, Tenn,
Henry has not been found as the head of a household in 1830 or 1840. In 1830 he may have been the male in John Hunt's household born between 1750 and 1760. The will of a Henry Hunt (Ref. 30), believed to have been a son of James and Mary Rackley Hunt was recorded in Robertson County in 1843. The heirs have not been identified.
APPARENT CHILDREN OF HENRY HUNT and an unidentified wife
1. JAMES HUNT b. ca. 1774
2. JORDEN HUNT b. 1775-1790
3. FEMAEE b. prior to 1790
4 FEMALE b. prior to 1790
5. FEMALE b. prior to 1790
6. FEMALE b. 1790 or earlier LUCY HUNT

Lucy Hunt, daughter of James and Mary Rackley Hunt, was horn on 18 May 1757 in Bute (present-day Franklin) County, N.C. About 1775, she married John Teasley III (son of John Teasley Jr. and his wife Mary), who was born in 1755. Lucy's husband appears to be the John "Tiersly" who took the Oath of Allegiance in Bute County in 1778 along with the Hunt and Rackley men (Ref. John and Lucy moved to Georgia prior to 1 October 1787, when he and James Hunt Jr. witnessed a deed in Wilkes County (Ref. 7). Lucy was left $1 in her father's will (Ref. 19). Her husband died in 1816, and she died on 4 November 1846 in Montgomery County, Tenn. (Ref. 20). John and Lucy Teasley had at least 11 children, including two daughters who married Tyner brothers (Ref . 28, 31, 41) .
1. WINIFRED TEASLEY b. 4 Dec. 1775, N.C. m. Joshua Tyner
2. JAMES TEASLEY b. Mar. 1779 d. 10 Feb. 1849 m. Drucilla Allen
3. JOSHUA TEASLEY b. ca. 1780 (?) m. Polly Cristler (4 Mar. 1812) (no further information)
4. GEORGE TEASLEY b. 1782 m. Lucretia Sheron (no further information) 5. AQUILLA TEASLEY b. 1785 m. Adam Brown (no further information)
6. PRISCILLA TEASLEY b. 1787/1788 m. Noah Tyner
7. JOHN W. TEASLEY b. 28 Dec. 1788 d. 20 Oct. 1852 m. Mary Hunter
8. LVCY TEASLEY b. 1790 d. 4 Nov. 1846 m. Henry Hunter (no further information)
9. PETER TEASLEY b. 30 Nov. 1793 m. Clifton (no further information)
10. THOMAS TEASLEY b. 2 Sept. 1796 m. Hunter (no further information:
11. ISHAM TEASLEY m. Jane Adams (no further information) WINIFRED TEASLEY


Winifred Teasley, daughter of Lucy Hunt and John Teasley, was born on 4 December 1775, in Bute (= Franklin) County, N.C. She and her parents moved to Wilkes County, Ga., sometime between 1778 and 1 October 1787 (Ref. 7,13). On 24 January 1793 Winifred married Joshua Tyner, a Revolutionary War veteran who was born 21 July 1767 in Wilkes County, Ga. He was a son of Richard Tyner (ca. 1740-24 September 1824) and an unknown first wife who was killed by Indians. Joshua, his brother Noah (who married Winifred's sister Priscilla), and his sister Tamar (future wife of Moses Hunt) were among those who survived the Indian raid. The Joshua Tyner family moved to Robertson County, Tenn., about 1801 and to Illinois in 1816. The youngest of the 14, or maybe 15, Tyner children was born in Illinois.
Joshua and Winifred were pioneers in that part of Franklin County, now known as Williamson County. The first permanent settlement, a stockade, was built in 1810 to protect the early settlers from the few remaining Shawnees. By 1816 wagon trains, following the old buffalo trails and crossing the Ohio River by ferry, were bringing settlers from Kentucky and Tennessee into southern Illinois. Joshua, Winifred, and their children accompanied the four Spiller brothers and other Robertson County neighbors who traveled north in the 1816 wagon train. They settled in the Eight-Mile Prairie, a level expanse covered with grass as tall as a man's head and rimmed with low trees and, beyond them, with tall forests. Here Joshua Tyner, William Lindsay, and Jasper Crain built their cabins. Samuel Talley Russell and his brother-in-law William Campbell also came to this fertile prairie in 1816. The following year Sam, the eldest son of Philip Russell and Elizabeth Stewart (see Ref. 28), went back to Tennessee to bring up the rest of the family and a herd of cattle. Philip Russell's other sons who came to Eight-Mile Prairie were James Stewart, William Washington, and Philip Jefferson. The William Campbell family soon moved on to search for a new frontier in Wisconsin, but Philip Russell and his sons did not.
The Tyners and the Russells were among the approximately 40,000 citizens living within the State of Illinois when it was established in 1818. Three of the Russell sons--Sam, Jim, and Jeff--married daughters of Joshua and Winifred Tyner. The young couples settled near their parents, the well-defined trail past Philip Russell's door became a stage road, and the neighborhood soon became known as Russell Corners. Today, the site of the original homestead is in the Crab Orchard Lake area between Marion and Carbondale, Ill.
Joshua Tyner's Revolutionary War pension application (Ref. 34), filed in Franklin County, ILL., on 28 June 1833, indicates that he enlisted at the age of 15. Joshua died 26 December 1838 in Franklin County. Winifred died on 27 March 1842, by which time Williamson County had been formed from Franklin. [Adapted from materials submitted by Harold E. Schertner (Ref. 28, 31,32,41-44)1
1. WILLIS TYNER b. 1 Dec. 1793, Wilkes Co., Ga. m. Fanny Jordan (13 Aug. 1812)

2. SARAH TYNER b. 16 Jan. 1795, Wilkes Co., Ga. Thomas E. Louden (15 Jan. 1820)

3. JOHN TYNER b. 16 Oct. 1796, Wilkes Cp., Ga. m. Sarah Arnett (8 Mar. 1821)

4. RICHARD ALONZO TYNER b. 17 July 1798, Wilkes Co., Ga. d. 17 Jan. 1854, Williamson 1st m. Rebecca S. Arnett (29 Dec. 1821) b. 18 Mar. 1803 d. 27 Mar. 1846, Williamson Co., ILL. (mother of first seven children) 2nd m. Lucinda Russell (2 Jan. 1847) b. 14 Sept. 1820 d. 2 Feb. 1897, Williamson Co., Ill. (mother of two youngest children]

2. REBECCA TYNER m. Misplase
3. ELIZA TYNER m. Russell
4. SIDNEY TYNER m. Murphy
8. JAMES MONROE TYNER (first child of second marriage:

5. ISHAM TYNER b. 8 Feb. 1800, Wilkes Co., Ga. 1st m. Nancy Pyatt 2m. Elizabeth 3m. Hannah Stocks

6. NANCY TYNER b. 16 Sept. 1801, Robertson Co., Tenn. d. 1 June 1841,
Williamson, Ill. m. Abraham North (1 Apr. 1823) b. 1793, Manchester, Lancashire, (2m Nancy's younger sister, Anna Eliza Tyner Ryburn, widow of James W. Ryburn) d. 14 May 1856, Carterville, Ill. (Ref. 28,33,41)
REBECCA TYNER b. 17 Mar. 1818, Franklin, ILL. d. 24 Jan. 1885/1888,Williamson, Ill. m. Philip Jefferson ( Jeff ) Russell 1 (6 Oct. 1831) b. 15 Nov. 1810, Montgomery Co., Tenn. d. 21 Nov. 1877, Williamson (s/o Philip Russell and Elizabeth Stewart; served in Hawk War; prosperous farmer and postmaster at Fredonia, ILL.; his carpenter shop served as a polling place for elections)

1. Harriett A. Russell b. 26 Jan. 1832 d. 23 Mar. 1922 m. Madison Bowlin (23 Nov. 1854) b. 7 July 1834 d. 7 May 1918 1.EDWARD BOWLIN b. 27 Nov.1866
2. George W. Russell b. 29 Jan. 1834 d. 14 Oct. 1855 (never married)
3. Elizabeth Caledonia Russell b. 25 Oct. 1836 d. 10 Feb. 186 m. John W. Williford (18 Oct.1858)
4. Nancy W. Russell b 18 Oct. 1838 d. 1911 m. Thomas Crenshaw (26 Mar. 1857)

1. GEORGE W. CRENSHAW b. 30 Jan. 1858
2 JOHN R. CRENSHAW b. 4 Nov. 1860 m. Ellen Hall (13 Apr. 1890:
3. HARRIETT CRENSHAW b. 12 Dec. 1862
4. ROBERT J. CRENSHAW b. 19 Apr. 1866
5. EMMA C. CRENSHAW b. 27 Sept. 1870

5. Martha Jane Russell b. 25 Mar. 1841 d. 15 July 1858
6. Rebecca Adelaide Russell b. 1 Jan. 1843 d. 3 Jan. 1887 m. John Mannering (10 Mar. 1861)

1. MARY A. MANNERING b. 19 Dec. 1861
2. ELIZABETH J. MANNERING b. 18 Oct. 1864 d. 11 Sept. 186
3. JANE MANNERING b.1870/1871 m. Lee W. Sizemore (23 Jan. 1887) b, 1861/1862
4. SARAH R. MANNERING b. 8 Aug. 1872 d. 16 Oct. 1873
5. JOHN MANNERING b. 23 Oct. 1875 d. 25 Oct. 18750
6. LVCRETIA MANNERING b. 12 July 1882 d. 3 Aug. 1882 (twin)
7. LOVISA MANNERING b. d. 12 July 1882 (twin to Lucretia)

7. Winfield Scott Russell b. 1 Jun. 1845 d. 1918 m. Mary Nancy Stansell (21 Nov. 1869)

1. ANNICE RUSSELL b. 1 Jan. 1871
2. MOODY S. RUSSELL b. 26 May 1876

8. Mary Ann (Mollie) Russell b. 8 Oct. 1846 (worked in post office) m. Oliver Hazard Ferry Louden (15 Oct. 1865) Nine children: THOMAS J., JANE (m. Edward House), AUGUSTA (m Dennis Brown) JOHNI FRANKI NELL, OLIVER, REXI and CYRUS LOUDEN
9. John Randolph Russell b. 11 Oct. 1848 d. 8 Jan. 1928 m. Anna M. Baxter (19 Oct. 1882)

1. HERBERT RUSSELL b. 14 Dec. 1883 m. Kate H. Vick (21 Dec. 1929j

2. HOWARD RUSSELL b. 2 July 1885 m. Selma Scharf (9 July 1917)
3. CARRIE RUSSELL b. 19 Nov. 1888 d. 22 May 1925 (unmarried)
4. ZELLA RUSSELL b. 16 Apr. 1896 m. Frank Samuels (21 Apr. 1915) b. 14 Mar. 1894

10. Thomas Jefferson Russell b. 1 Feb. 1851 d. 12 Mar. 1940 m. Eva J. Martin b. 1868
11. Louella C. Russell b. 17 Sept. 1853 d. 18 Sept. 185E
12. Hope Russell b. 26 Dec. 1856 d. 15 Aug. 1883 m. William Fain (27 Nov, 1880)

1.HUGH NORTH m. Sylvia Chamness (27 Aug. 1827)

2. MARY A. NORTH b. 2 Mar. 1832 d. 5 Feb. 1914

3. ABRAM H. NORTH b. 1835, Carterville, ILL. d. 17 Mar. 1911 m. Ann Eliza Mannering (17 Mar. 1872) b. 1850, Williamson Co., Ill. d 21 Sept. 1887, Williamson Co.
1. Richard H. North b. 4 June 1877, Carterville d. 26 Jan. 1956 m. Carrie Branson (21
June 1903) b. 7 Oct. 1881, Carbondale, ILL. d. 4 Nov. 1971, Williamson

7. LUCY TYNER b. 7 Mar. 1803, Robertson Co., Tenn. d. 11 Oct. 1871, Williamson Co., ILL.
bur. Russell Cem., Williamson Co., James Stewart (Jim) Russell b. 19 Feb. 1801, Montgomery Co., Tenn. d. 23 Oct. 1871, Williamson Co., ILL. (s/o Philip Russell and Elizabeth Stewart; received bounty land as a soldier in the Black Hawk War for three months in 1832; res. Fredonia, ILL., 1871; all children b. ILL.)

1. NARCISSUS RUSSELL b. 1826 d. 1888 1st m. William Mannering; 2nd m.Stephen Martin
2. SAMUEL WASHINGTON RUSSELL b. 12 Sept. 1827 d. 25 July 1887 m. Eliza Jane Stocks (27 May 1848) d. 18 Dec. 1911
3. ELIZABETH RUSSELL m. Benjamin Stocks (5 Apr. 1849)
4. SOPHRONIA E. RUSSELL b. 1833 m. Henry Stocks (1 Feb. 1851)
5. JAMES D. RUSSELL b. 8 Apr. 1835 d. 1874 m. Jane Stumm (14 Mar. 1869)
6. MILTON SCOTT RUSSELL b.. 1837 d. 22 May 1863, Vicksburg, Warren Co., Miss.
(Union soldier, killed in action:
7. JOHN B. RUSSELL b. 15 Dec. 1840 d. 13 May 1862, 111 (Sgt. Russell died from wounds received while serving with Union Army at Shiloh.
8. MARY A. RUSSELL b. 1843 m. William Chamberlin
9. WILLIAM WASHINGTON RUSSELL d. 19 July 1903 m. Philadelphia Burbridge

8. PRISCILLA A. TYNER b. 9 Apr. 1804/1805, Tenn. d. 14 Sept. 1843,
Williamson Co. bur. Wilson Cem., near Cambria, Williamson Co., ILL. m. Samuel Talley (Laughing Sam) Russell (11 July 1822) b. 18 Dec. 1798, Montgomery Co., Tenn. d. 13 Nov. 1877, Williamson Co., ILL. (eldest s/o Philip Russell and Elizabeth Stewart; attended school for only 6 months; first deputy sheriff of Franklin Co., 1820-1821; assessor for Western District of Williamson Co. 1840; Justice of the Peace for 26 years; farmer at Eight-Mile Prairie; P O. Fridonia , Ill.) (Unless otherwise stated, descendant s ' births, deaths, and marriages probably occurred in Williamson County, ILL.)

1. JOHN QUINCY RUSSELL b. 6 Dec. 1825 d. 4 Feb. 1885 m. Mary Margaret Emmerson (8 June 1848) b. 1833, Posey, Ind

1. Samuel Taylor Russell b. 12 Nov. 1849 d. 25 June 1924 m. Nancy J. Greathouse (26 Nov. 1874) b. 28 Aug. 1852 d. 3 May 189
2. General Lavaga Russell b. 11 Jan. 1852 d. 5 Feb. 185'
3. Millard Fillmore Russell b. 13 Mar. 1854 d. 30 Mar. 1854
4 William Jefferson Russell b. 20 Mar. 1855 m. Louise Bush
5. Robert A. Russell b. 5 Sept. 1857 d. 15 Mar. 1864
6. Laura Russell b. 5 Feb. 1859 d. 15 Sept. 1892 m. Marion P. Bush (27 July 1878) b. 15 Aug. 1853
7 Eliza Ellen Russell b. 13 Feb. 1862 d 19 Oct. 193C m. James Benton Hudson (14 Mar. 1885), b. 21 Mar. 1859 d. 30 Dec. 1931 (great grandparents of Harold E. Schertner)
8. Perliena Russell b. 28 July 1864 d. 14 Aug. 186L
9. Mary J. Russell b. 27 July 1865 d. 22 July 1866
10. Mabel Anice Russell b. 30 June 1867 (no issue) 1st m. Charles H. Davis (26 July 1887) 2nd m. James Kirkpatrick (23 Nov. 1926)
11. Charlotte Russell b. 17 July 1870 d. 2 Dec. 1886
12. Lalalieusikiaw Russell b. 1 Aug. 1873 d. 9 Feb. 1893
13. Emma Jean Russell b. 5 Mar. 1876 m. Charles F. Young (6 Feb. 1899) b. 31 Aug. 1871


1. Freeman Taylor Russell b. 1 Jan. 1850 d. 20 Nov. 1924 m. Rose Edwards
2 Sarah J. Russell b. 7 Oct. 1852 m. Matthew Pulley (6 Jan. 1876)
3. Samuel Linboyd Russell b. 2 July 1854 m. Elizabeth Rolls
4. Julia Russell m. Hill
5. Missouri Russell (unmarried)
6. Harriet E. (Hattie) Russell m. Charles Calvert (17 June 1885:
7. Margaret (Maggie) Russell m. Herbert Sprague (22 Aug. 1886)
8. Emma Jean Russell d. age 13

3. ELIZA J. RUSSELL b. 30 June 1831 d. 3 Mar. 1891m. Samuel V. Painter (30 Nov.
1848) b. 5 June 1829 d. 23 Apr. 1908

1. Priscilla Painter m. Isaac Martin (25 Jan. 1874:
2. John M. Painter m. Emma Felts
3. Alice Painter m Charles Baxter
4. Emma Painter 1stmC Monroe Snyder (14 Dec. 1882) 2nd m. James Watson

4.MARY (MOLLIE) RUSSELL m. Solomon Snyder

1. Margery Snyder m. Frank Martin
2. Dora Snyder m. Carroll Moore
3. Solomon Snyder d. young
4. Solomon Snyder m. Ida St. Clair
5. Emma Snyder m. William Ward

5. SVSAN ALZADA RUSSELL b. 2 May 1838 d. 8 Sept. 1891 m. Isaac Martin Snyder (10 Oct. 1858

1. Waiter W. Snyder b. 1 Mar. 1859 d. July 1931 m. Emma Stocks
2. Caleb F. Snyder b. 6 Oct. 186C m. Maggie Williams
3. George W. Snyder b 6 Oct. 1860 d. age 16 (twin to Caleb)
4. John B. Snyder b. 3 Jan. 1863 d. 25 Dec. 1887
5. Robert Logan Snyder b. 24 Feb. 1864 m. Amanda Ledbetter
6. Isaac Martin Tobias (Tobe) Snyder b. 19 May 1867 m. Cora B. Kirk
7. Margaret Anna Snyder b. 29 Oct. 1869 1stm. Isaac Dillinger (17 Nov. 1885) b. 1868 2nd m. John Coats (19 June 1895) b. 20 Dec. 186;
8. Eliza Jane Snyder b. 28 Sept. 187: m. John Stephens/Stevens
9. James Snyder b. 5 Aug. 1873 m. Gertrude Winters (5 Aug. 1908) b. 3 May 1880 d. 29 Oct. 1938
10. Samuel Snyder b. 27 Oct 1875 m. Ione Dewitt (27 Jan. 1897) b. 24 Jan. 187_ 11. Laura Snyder b. 1 Dec. 1877 m. Thomas Carter
12. Dora Snyder b.-d. 1879
13. Andrew Snyder b. 6 Nov. 1883 m. Alma Ashby (5 Feb. 1908) b. 22 Apr. 1891

6.MARTHA ELLEN RUSSELL b. 5 June 1840 d. 26 Nov. 1908 1st m. William Lafayette Farmer (7 Nov. 1858) 2nd m. Jackson C. Clark b. 26 Mar. 1842 d. 18 Feb. 1918

1. Silas Farmer m. Ellen Davis
2. John Lincoln Farmer (unmarried:
3. William Lafayette Farmer Jr. b. 31 Aug. 1862 d. 21 Feb. 1890 m. Cora Meisenheimer b. 14 May 1869 d. 6 June 1933
4. Mary Clark (unmarried)T
5. Jane Clark m. James Riley Bush b. 12 Nov. 1866
6. Harriett (Hattie) Clark m Marvin R. Fakes
7. Fred Clark b. 9 May 1874 m. Laura Hestand (26 Apr. 1894) b. 11 Sept. 1875
8. Charles Clark b. 18 Sept. 1876 1stm. Mollie Ginn 2mC Maggie Monroe
9. Dessie Clark (unmarried)
10. John Clark m Pearl Costello 11. Della Clark m. James McGee

7. FELIX BENTON RUSSELL b. 13 Sept. 1843 d. 30 Nov. 192 m. Martha E. Farmer (21 Oct. 1867) b. 28 Sept. 1846 d. 10 Jan. 1930

1. Emma Russell m. Joseph Smart (18 July 1886)
2. Maim Russell m. William Rush (3 Mar. 1891)
3. Ella Russell 1st m. Bert Harris 2nd m. George Myers
4. Lycurgus Russell_

9. JOSHVA TYNER JR. b. 13 Dec. 1806, Roberts on, Co., Tenn. m, Sabitha (LibbV) Hogg (22 Apr. 1832)

10. MARY H. TYNER b. 15 Feb. 1809, Robertson Co., d. 10 Nov. 1821 (twin)

11. MARTHA TYNER b. 15 Feb. 1809, Robertson Co., Tenn. (twin to Mary) m.
Stephen Herring (31 July 1828)

12. JAMES G. TYNER b. 25 July 1812, Robertson Co., Tenn. (twin to Winnifred)

13. WINNIFRED TYNER b. 25 July 1812, Robertson Co., Tenn. (twin to Jamesj m. Reuben Herring (30 Sept. 1831)

14. ANNA ELIZA TYNER b. 3 Oct. 1815, Franklin Co., ILL, d. 30 Nov. 1879, Williamson Co. ILL. 1stm. James W. Ryburn b.c. 7 Mar. 1800 d. 6 Dec. 1840 2nd m. Abraham North (6 Feb. 1842) b. England (1stm to Anna's sister Nancy)

James Teasley, son of Lucy Hunt and John Teasley, was born in March of 1779, probably in North Carolina. He married Drucilla Allen, who was born 1 March 1782. They became the Parents of at least seven children, including the Priscilla Teasley who married Willis Hunt. Drucilla died on 4 July 1847, and James died on 10 February 1849.
1. BEVERLY ALLEN TEASLEY b. 6 July 1806 d. 9 Apr. 186_ m. Elizabeth Evanson (12 Feb. 1828) b. 22 July 1810 d. 12 Jan. 1891
1.LUCY TEASLEY b. 18 Dec. 1828 m. Thomas Cason (Dec. 1846) (had issue)

2.ALFRED J. TEASLEY b. 6 Dec. 1830 m. Martha Frances Cleveland (30 Sept. 1851)

3.ELIZABETH ANN TEASLEY b. 3 July 1832 m. _m. R. Adams (16 Nov. 1848)

4.PRISCILLA JANE TEASLEY b. 24 July 1834 d. 23 May 1896 m. Benjamin Calloway Thornton (4 Sept. 1851) b. 13 Dec. 1827 d. 30 Oct, 1881

1. Thomas A. Thornton b. 31 July 1852 m. Georgia Carter
2. Sarah Thornton b. 1 Jan. 1854 d. 5 Apr. 1924 m. D. C. Alford
3. James Thornton b. 5 Sept. 1857 d. 14 Mar. 1921 m. Sarah Speed
4. Janie Thornton d. in infancy
5. Cornelia Thornton d. in infancy
6.Amanda Thornton b. 27 Nov. 1864 m. George Page
7. John C. Thornton b. 1866 d. 1899
8. Rebecca Thornton d. in infancy
9. Jessie Thornton b. 4 Apr. 1871 m. James H. Skelton (23 Dec. 1891:
10. McAlpin Thornton b. 3 Oct. 1873 m. Claire Dodd
11. Dunstan Thornton b. 2 July 1876
12. Annie Thornton b. 24 June 1878 m. J. P. Cash

5. MARY F. A, TEASLEY b. 25 July 1836 m. Adams

6. DRUCILLA C. TEASLEY b. 12 Aug. 1838 m. Martin Maxwell

7. MARTHA M. TEASLEY d. in infancy

8. PHRONIE TEASLEY b. 3 June 1843 m. J. A. Brown

9. ELIZA E. TEASLEY b. 18 May 1847 m. Isham Hailey Brown (11 Nov. 1864)


2. JAMES RILEY TEASLEY m. Mary B. F. Norman

1. JANE TEASLEY m. J. William Thornton

2. LUCY E. TEASLEY m. Reuben Carter

3. LUCY H. TEASLEY m. Lawrence Adams
Children: EMILY (m. Marion Gaines), DRUCILLA, and BEVERLY ADAMS

4. PRISCILLA TEASLEY m. Willis Hunt (5 Nov. 1833) d. 2 Sept. 1872, Ga. (s/o James Hunt
Jr. and Jemimah Carter) Descendants are listed under the father's name

5. PHRONIE TEASLEY m. Malcom Johnson

6. DRUCILLA ANN TEASLEY b. 10 Nov. 1827 m. John Easton Teasley (16 Dec. 1847) b. 4 Dec. 1827 d. 5 Sept. 1904

7. JEFFERSON TEASLEY m. Nancy Mewbourn

Priscilla Teasley, daughter of Lucy Hunt and John Teasley, was born in 1788. She married Noah Tyner, son of Richard Tyner (ca. 1740-24 Sept. 1824) and his first wife. Born about 1774, Noah was a younger brother to the Joshua Tyner who married Priscilla's sister, Winifred Teasley (Ref. 31). Noah's sister, Tamar Tyner, married Priscilla's uncle, Moses Hunt. When Noah was a child, Indians attacked the Tyner home. His mother and a little sister were killed and scalped. Two sisters, Mary and Tamar, were captured Some of the older children escaped by running away, but Noah survived by hiding in a large hollow tree that became known throughout the countryside as "Noah's Ark" Six children are known to have been born to Priscilla and Noah. He died in 1818 in Montgomery County, Tenn. She died there on 8 Mar 1846. (Ref. 28,31,45,46)
1. THOMAS TYNER b. 5 Nov. 1811 d. 19 Apr. 1887 m. Martha Kirk b. 2 Apr. 1814 d. 10 Nov. 1885
2 PRISCILLA TYNER m. John Parker

John W. Teasley, son of Lucy Hunt and John Teasley III, was born 28 December 1788. He married Mary Hunter. Only one child has been identified for this couple. John died on 20 October 1852 DESCENDANTS OF JOHN TEASLEY and Mary Hunter
1. JOHN W. TEASLEY JR. b. 1818 (res. Robertson Co., Tenn., 1850) m. Sarah L. Nicholson b. 1825

1. LOUIS SCOTT TEASLEY b. 1 Nov. 1847 m. Melvina Tennessee Teasley (16 Oct. 1873)

1. Leila Bell Teasley b. 21 July 1874 m. James Bailey Basford b. 2 Oct 1867


2. MARY B. BASFORD b. 13 Sept. 1903
3. MADALYN MAY BASFORD b. 7 Aug. 1907

2. Lucy Ann Teasley b. 11 Feb. 1876 m. George Edwin Shaw (18 Nov. 1896) b. 3 Mar. 1873
3. Mary Elizabeth Teasley b. 15 Mar. 1878 m. Robert Hewitt (12 Feb. 1902) b. 20 Jan. 1872
4. Walter Scott Teasley b. 9 Aug. 1880
5. Ethel May Teasley b. 3 Dec. 1882 m. Thos. E. Weakley (12 Apr. 1908) 6. Ellen Earl Teasley b. 7 Jan. 1885 m. Henry E. Simpkins (10 Mar. 1912) b. 7 Aug. 1884

2. HARRIS F. TEASLEY b. 1849/1850

Mary Hunt, daughter of James and Mary Rackley Hunt, was born 16 April 1759 in Franklin County, N.C. She married Joshua Jones, probably about
1779. In her father's will, she was left $1. Because she is named in the will, it is assumed that she was still alive at the time it was written in 1803. No children have been identified for this couple.

Moses Hunt, son of James and Mary Rackley Hunt, was born 18 June 1760 in present-day Franklin County, N.C. He was a soldier in the American Revolution, and he took the State Oath of Allegiance in Bute (Franklin) County, N.C., in 1778. He was left $1 in his father's will.
Moses married Tamar Tyner in Georgia sometime between 1787 and 1798.
The daughter of Richard Tyner (Ref. 42), Tamar was born in 1767. When Tamar was a girl, Indians raided the Tyner home. Her mother and baby sister were killed and scalped. Some of the older children ran to safety, and young Noah hid in a big hollow tree later known throughout the countryside as "Noah's Ark." Tamar and her sister Mary were captured by the Indians and carried off to their village. About three years later, an Indian trader named John Monaco saw the two girls and realized they must be the missing Tyner daughters. He bargained for them and was able to purchase Mary, who shortly afterwards became his wife. The Indians refused to sell Tamar because she was quick to obey, of good disposition, tireless in her work, and hence necessary to them. Monack soon made a second attempt to Purchase Tamar, but again to no avail. After his departure, the Indians became very suspicious of Tamar. An old squaw Tamar had befriended told her that the headmen believed troops would come to rescue her. Rather than give her up, they would burn her at the stake on the next ceremonial day. Tamar prevailed upon the squaw to furnish her a canoe and provisions. One night, with the aid or her faithful Indian friend, Tamar made her escape. Traveling down the waters of the Chattahoochee River by night and hiding along the river bank by day, she eventually reached Appalachicola Bay, where she was sighted by a passing merchantman and given transportation to Savannah. The people of Savannah received her as a heroine and outfitted her for the trip home to Elbert County. The news of her coming preceded her, and she was welcomed in Petersburg with great rejoicing. Tamar and Moses were married a short time after her homecoming- they lived in Elbert County, Ga. where she died in 1840 and he in 1842 (or possibly in 1849). Today many of their descendants live in Elbert and Hart counties. (Ref. 7,19,28,45-47)
1. MARY HUNT b. 5 Feb. 1799 d. 17 Apr. 1863
m. James Adams b. 1799 d. 1877
3. JOHN HUNT b. 1802 d. Apr. 1877
5. NANCY HUNT m. Lawrence W. Adams
8. RICHARD HUNT m. Mary A. Gains (14 July 1825)

James Hunt Jr., son of James and Mary Rackley Hunt was born 6 June 1762 in present-day Franklin County, N.C. He served as a soldier in the American Revolution and moved to Georgia sometime prior to 1 October 1787, when he and John Teasley witnessed a deed in Wilkes County (Ref. 7). On 11 November 1790, James married Jemima Drucilla Carter (Ref.26) in Wilkes County. (Other descendants give her name as "Jemima M. Carter" or "Jemima Carter.") James and Jemimah became the parents of 12 children, all born in Georgia.
On 27 December 1791 James Hunt bought 300 acres on Coldwater Creek, Elbert County, Ga., which was formed from Wilkes County on 10 December 1790. This tract appears to be the homeplace, and part of it later fell into Hart County (created on 7 December 1852). James Jr. (referred to as James Sr. in Georgia records) was left $1 in his father's will (Ref. 19). In the 1820 Georgia Land Lottery, James "Senior" drew Lot 345, District 2, Early County. That lot is mentioned in his will, which was signed on 8 February 1832. In the 1827 Georgia Land Lottery, he is listed as "James Hunt, Revolutionary Soldier." He drew Lot 274, District 17, Muscogee County. That lot is also mentioned in his will, though not actually granted to him until after his death. James died on 23 March 1832, leaving his homeplace, cattle, horses, slaves, and so forth to his wife, Jemima h, for her life. The will was proved in Elbert County on 3 September 1832. The inventory took place on 25 September 1832. Items listed included 11 slaves, farm stock, tools, household furniture, and bookcase and books, with a total value of $3,492.
Jemimah was living in the home of her son Sion in Elbert County at the time of the 1860 census. According to that census she was born in Virginia and was 95 years old (b. 1765-1766). A family Bible record written in 1850 or later indicates she may have been born as late as 1772. That same source gives her date of death as 7 January 1864. Her property was valued at $10,500. James and Jemimah are buried "in a field in the Nuburg Community in Hart County, Ga., near the Elbert County line." [Adapted from a typescript by Catherine Bond Gheesling (Ref. 7:18-21)3 CHILDREN OF JAMES HUNT JR. and Jemimah Drucilla Carter
1. ELIZABETH HUNTER HUNT b. 21 Oct. 1791 d. 23 Mar. 1844 m. Jesse M. Redwine (7 Feb. 1817) d. Water Valley, Yalabusha Co., Miss.
2. HENRY HUNT b. 27 Aug. 1793 d. after 2 Nov. 1867 1stm. Nancy M. Craft (20 July 1815) 2m Hambli
3. WILLIAM HUNT b. 12 Oct. 1795, Ga. d. after 1860 census m. Joicy Stowers (4 Dec. Isis) (no further information)
4. SION HUNT b. 1 Feb. 1798, Ga. d. 11 Feb. 1875, Elbert Co., Ga., 1stm. Priscilla K. Thornton (31 July 1823) 2m. Sarah Penn (7 May 1849)
5. JAMES HUNT JR. (= III) b. 9 Feb. 1800 d. 18 Dec. 183_ m. Mary W. Haynes (18 Dec. 1823)
6. MOSES B. HUNT b. 12 Oct. 1802 d. after 1880 census m. Malinda C. Redwine (ca. 1829) 7. UNKNOWN INFANT b.-d. ca. 1804
8. DRUCILLA HUNT b. 18 Mar. 1806 d. after 1850 census m. Nicholas M. Adams (2 Dec. 1839) (no further information)
9. WILLIS HUNT b. 1 Oct. 1808 d. 2 Sept. 1872 m. Priscilla Teasley (5 Nov. 1833)
10. MATTHEW HULLUM HUNT b. 3 Dec. 1810, Elbert Co. (no further information] 1stm. Harriett C. Ward (8 Mar. 1832) 2m. Harriett S. Farmer (10 Mar. 1842, Elbert Co., Ga.)
11. RICHARD CARTER HUNT b. 23/28 June 1813, Ga. (no further information) 1stm. Mary Harris (ca. 1838) 2 m. Rachel Ann Alexander
12. MARY (POLLY) HUNT b. 16/18 Aug. 1817, Elbert Co., Ga. d. 15 Aug. 1862 m. William (Buck) Page (28 Nov. 1836) (no further information)


Elizabeth Hunter Hunt, sometimes given "L" as a middle initial, was the eldest child of James Hunt Jr. and Jemimah Drucilla Carter. Born in Georgia on 21 October 1791, Elizabeth married Jesse M. Redwine on 7 February 1817 in Franklin County, Ga. Jesse, born 10 August 1799 in Chatham County, N.C., was a son of the Rev. William Redwine and his wife, the former Malinda Lou Cox. Jesse and Elizabeth moved to Mississippi and lived at several different places, including Sarepta, Springdale, Noxubee, and Water Valley They had ten children. After Elizabeth died 23 March 1844, Jesse took a second wife, Pena Ann Moore. He died at Water Valley, Yalabusha County, Miss., on 7 July 1846. The place of burial for Elizabeth and Jesse is not known. (Ref. 7,29)
1. WILLIAM C. REDWINE b. 15 Feb. 1818 d. after 1850 census m. Nancy (ca. 1849)

2. ALFRED JONES REDWINE b. 16 Oct. 1819, water Valley, Miss. d. ca. 1867 m Amanda
Drucilla Hunt (ca. 1846) b. 23 Jan. 1829 (d/o James Hunt III and Mary Wade Haynes)

3. JAMES ASBURY REDWINE b. 24 May 1821 d. 16 Mar. 1879 m. Matilda Katherine Sewell
(ca. 1844)

4. SION BIRDINE REDWINE b. 7 Feb. 1823, Ga. d. 12 Dec. 1889 (doctor) m. Permelia Ann Gullatt b. 1829, Ala. d. 28 Oct. 1910/1912, Montgomery Co Ark. (d/o Charles [Charlie3 Gullatt and Pamelia Frazier)

1. KEZIAH MAHALA OCTAVA REDWINE b. 8 June 1848, Miss. d. 31 Oct. 1867 m.
James Augustus (Gus) Echols (ca. 1865)
2 SION BURDINE REDWINE JR. b. 1851 m. Annie L. G. (ca. 1871)
3. HULDAH ANN DRUCILLA REDWINE b. 19 Sept. 1854, Miss. (in Pontotoc Co. or in Marshall Co. at Holly Springs) d. 30 June 1945, Norman, Ark. m. John Felix Rawls (4 Mar. 1869, Hot Springs Co., Ark.) b. 15 Sept. 1844, Bear, Mont. Co., Ark. d. 18 Feb. 1908, Garland Co., Ark. both bur. Lowe Cem., Garland Co. (s/o John C. Rawls and Lucy Throckmorton)

1. Permilla Alice Rawls b. 6 Feb. 1870, Ark. d. 8 Feb. 1932 m. Riley J. Chitwood (23 Nov. 1890)
2. Melissia Abbiegail (Abbie) Rawls b 25 Mar. 1872, Ark. d. 19 Feb. 1947 m. John David McCaslin (23 Nov. 1890)
3. Thomas Felix (Tommie) Rawls b. 2 Mar. 1874, Ark. d. 21 Aug. 1943 m. Ellen Eldorado (Rado) Spiva (18 Mar. 1906)
4. John Walter (Johnny) Rawls b. 22 Sept. 1876, Searcy, White Co., Ark. d. 28 Jan. 1919 m. Judia Ann Conger (1 Sept. 1901)
5. Amanda Bethany (Mandy, Bethy) Rawls b. 30 Dec. 1878, Ark. d. 18 July 1928 m. George Ryan (ca. 1899)
6. Albert Lewis (Al) Rawls b. 12 June 1881, Hot Springs, Ark.d. 26 Nov. 1955 m. Martha Loretta (Retta) Cranford (29 Mar. 1903)
7. Clara Ann Rawls b. 13 Jan. 1884, Ark. d. 14 July 1971 m. Robert E. McCaslin (ca. 1900)
8. William Edward (Eddie) Rawls b. 27 Oct. 1886, Ark. d. 7 Feb. 1910 (in a train wreck near Brinkley, Ark.)
9. Claude Blanche (Claudie) Rawls b. 17 Feb. 1889 d. 5 July 1926 m. Lester H. Ryan (ca. 1904)
10. Elender Maud (Maudie) Rawls b. 6 Jan. 1891, Bear, Ark. d. 13 Mar. 1970, Houston, Harris Co., Tex. m. Elisha Frank Hall (22 Dec. 1907) b. 30 Jan. 1888, Chandler, Garland Co. Ark. d. 27 Jan. 1958, Houston both bur. Forest Park Lawndale Cem., Houston (grandparents of Peggy Loraine Hall Calk)
11. Grover Gabriel Rawls b. 18 Sept. 1893, Ark. d. 8 Dec. 1959 m. Pearl May Bump (3 May 1923)
12. Sherman Washington Rawls b. 26 Jan. 1896, Ark. d 18 June 1962 m. Sarah Orzelia (Zelia) Maner (18 Dec. 1920)

4. THOMAS L. REDWINE b. ca. 1854, Miss. d. ca. 1898 m. Winifred A. Cockrell (ca. 1879)
5. LUCINDA (LOU) REDWINE b. 1856, Lafayette Co., Miss.
m. Wade Shuffield Fisher
6. FLETCHER HOUSTON REDWINE, M.D. b. 4 Mar. 1859, Lafayette Co., MS. d 3
Oct. 1936 m. Tranquilla Ann (Tennie) Lester (ca. 1879)
7. JAMES L. REDWINE b. ca. 1861, Layfayette Co., Miss. m. Laura H. Ryan (8 Mar. 1894)
8. MALINDA ELVIRA KATHERINE REDWINE b. 19 Feb. 1862, Locksburg, Miss. d. 17 Sept. 1949. m. J. R (Reno) Ault (ca. 1886)

5. DRUCILLA HASSETT REDWINE b. 26 Oct. 1824, Springdale, Lafayette Co., Miss.
m. Thomas Addington (ca. 1843)

6. JESSE HULLUM REDWINE b. 28 May 1827, Springdale, Miss. m. Marie

7. LEWIS HOBBS REDWINE b. 13 July 1829, Noxubee, Miss. d. 23 Jan. 1902
1st m. Mary Ann Davis (10 Aug. 1856) 2m. Mary J. Posey (29 Apr. 1883)

8. HULDAH ANN FRANCES REDWINE b. 9 Nov. 1831, Springdale, Miss.
m. Crawford Goodwen (ca. 1846)

9. WILLIS MORGAN REDWINE b. 27 Sept. 1833

10.PIERCE LOVICK NICHOLAS REDWINE b. 12 Nov. 1835 d. 1890, Lafayette Co. Miss, m. Mary Adeline Smith (Kerr) (5 Mar. 1866) Alice Kerr, Mary's daughter from her first marriage, married a son of James Asbury Redwine and Matilda Katherine Sewell.

Henry Hunt, second child of James Hunt Jr. and Jemimah Drucilla Carter, was born in Georgia on 27 August 1793. He married Nancy M. Craft in Georgia on 20 July 1815. Henry and Nancy moved to Buncombe County, N.C., where he purchased land in 1823. Their only known child, DRUCILLA HUNT, was born in 1819. She married Levi Metcalf. In 1867, Drucilla Metcalf was living in or near Democrat, in northern Buncombe County (Ref. 55). After Nancy's death, Henry married a Miss, or Mrs., Hamblin. He died sometime after 2 November 1867. Henry and Nancy Craft Hunt are ancestors of Patricia Gaultney Rose.
(Ref. 21)

Sion Hunt, son of James Hunt Jr. and Jemimah Drucilla Carter, was born in Georgia on 1 February 1798. He and his first wife, Priscilla Kindree (= Kendrick?) Thornton, were married on 31 July 1823. Born 24 October 1803, she was the daughter of Benjamin Thornton and Sarah Upshaw of Elbert County. [There is some confusion regarding the identity of Benjamin's wife or wives. Some say he married Elizabeth Allen; "Rebecca" was the name given for his wife in his wIll.3 Priscilla bore Sion nine children and died on 16 August 1846 about four months after the birth of her last child Sion married Sarah Penn (b. 10 May 1810) on 7 May 1849, when his youngest child was only three years old. No children were born to that union.
Sion enlisted as a lieutenant in the Elbert County Militia from 29 August 1823 to 28 January 1825. He was a farmer who owned land in Muscogee, Lownds, Thomas, and Irwin counties in addition to his homeplace on Little Coldwater Creek near Summerville in Elbert County. A letter written in 1867 (Ref. 55) indicates he was the son primarily responsible for his mother's care during her declining years.
Sion died on 11 February 1875, and Sarah died soon after, on 3 July 1875. Apparently she and Sion became ill about the same time, for his estate records include a receipt from Nancy Gaines for waiting on them in their last illness. (Ref. 7)
and his first wife, Priscilla K. Thornton
1. JAMES JACKSON HUNT b. 21 Dec. 1830 d. 25 July 1863, Weschester, Va.
(Confederate soldier) m. Mary Elizabeth North/Norman b. Elbert Co., Ga.
1. SARAH P. HUNT (received her father's share from Sion's estate)

2. MARY ELIZABETH HUNT b. 15 June 1833 d. 22 Sept. 1844

3. FRANCES JANE HUNT b. 26 Sept. 1834 d, 10 July 1918 m. George W. Eavenson Jr. (1 Feb. 1865, Elbert Co., Ga.; his second wife) (ancestors of Catherine Bond Gheesling)

4. BENJAMIN THORNTON HUNT b. 10 Feb. 1837, Elbert Co., Ga. d. 31 July 1862, Richmond, Va. (Confederate soldier) m. Frances E. Harper (6 Dec. 1858,
Elbert Co., Ga.)

1. MARTHA BENJAMIN (MATTIE) HUNT b. 12 Oct. 1862, near Elberton, Ga. d. 6 Sept. 1934, near Harmony, Elbert Co., Ga. m. Francis Mallary (Frank) Clark (5 Dec. 1878, Elbert Co., Ga.)
2. MARY JANE (MOLLY) HUNT b. 7 Jan. 1860, Elbert Co., Ga. m. John Luther Thornton (24 Dec. 1874, Elbert Co., Ga.) b. Elbert Co., Ga.

5. REVBIN SMITH HUNT b. 8 Apr. 1838 d. 9 Oct. 1912 (CSA) m. Mary Elizabeth McCrary (20 Dec. 1860/1861, Elbert Co., Ga.)

6. SION T. W. HARRISON HUNT b. 18 Jan. 1841, Elbert Co. d. 7 July 1862, Richmond, Va., from wounds received as a Confederate soldier

7. DOZIER CALLOWAY HUNT b. 4 Oct. 1844, Elbert Co. d. 14 Oct. 1864, Richmond, Va., from wounds received as a Confederate soldier

8. DANIEL CRUMLEY HUNT b. 14 Dec. 1844, Elbert Co. d. 29 Aug. 1922 (CSA) m. Narcissa Frances Trow (14 Nov. 1867, Elbert Co.)

9. EMILY PRISCILLA (EMMA) HUNT b. 8 Apr. 1846, Elbert Co. d. 2 Apr. 190'i m. Robert Patton Eberhardt (25 Sept. 1861, Elbert Co., Ga.:

James Hunt III was known as James Hunt Jr. because his father became known as "senior" rather than remaining "junior" into his old age. James III was born to James Hunt Jr. and Jemimah Drucilla Carter on 9 February 1800. He married Mary Wade Haynes on 18 December 1823 in Elbert County, GA Eight children were born to that union. (Ref.7)
1. J. W. HUNT b. 12 Nov. 1824

2. HENRY J. HUNT b. 31 Jan. 1826 (res. Lafayette Co., Miss., 1850) m.
Arseneah H.

3. MARYANN HUNT b. 2 Dec. 1829 (1827?)

4. AMANDA DRUCILLA HUNT b. 23 Jan. 1829, Franklin Co., Ga. d. ca. 1904, Hillsboro, Hill Co., Tex. bur. Hillsboro, Tex. (res. Hill Co., 1900) m. Alfred Jones Redwine (ca. 1846, Water Valley, Yalabusha Co., Miss.) b. 16 Oct. 1819, Water Valley d. ca. 1867, Henderson Co., Tex. bur. Henderson Co. (s/o Jesse M. Redwine and Elizabeth Hunt) (Ref. 29:

1.WILLIAM HENRY REDWINE b. ca. 1847, Miss. d. 21 Nov. 1914 (minister: m. Sara Frances Ermine Treadwell (22 Nov. 1865) (Hill Co., Tex., 1880:
2. HULDA DRUCILLA ANN REDWINE b. 13 Oct. 1849, Miss. d. 19 July 1930 m. James Pinkney Martin (24 Mar. 1874)
3. FRANKLIN L. REDWINE b. 14 Nov. 1859, Water Valley, Miss. d. 1955 res.
Clay Co., Tex., 1900) 1stm. Allie 2m. Lula P. Robertson
4. ROBERT DEE REDWINE b. Feb. 1865, Palestine, Tex. (res. Lincoln Co Okla., 1900) m. Georgia Drucilla Mashore (ca. 1885:

5. SARAH FRANCES HUNT b. 23 Mar. 1830

6. JOHN HUNT b. 14 July 1832 (res. Lafayette Co., Miss., 1850)

7. ELIZABETH JANE HUNT b. 15 Oct. 1834, Ga. (res. Hill Co., Tex., 1900) m. White [Elizabeth Jane White and Amanda Redwine were living in the home of Elizabeth's son-in-law, Thomas Williams, in 1900; Re f . 51.3

8. MARTIN M. HUNT b. 8 Nov. 1836 (res. Lafayette Co., Miss., 1850)

Moses B. Hunt, the son of James Hunt Jr. and his wife Jemimah Drucilla Carter, was born in Elbert County, Ga., on 12 October 1802. About 1828, he married Malinda C. Redwine in Hinds County, Miss. Born about 1812 in Madison County, Ga., Malinda was the daughter of the Rev. William Redwine and his wife, the former Malinda Lou Cox. Twelve children were born to
Moses and Malinda, and all who lived long enough to be named were born in Mississippi. The family was living in Yalabusha County, Miss., at the time of the 1850 census. Malinda died about 1880, possibly in Texas. Moses died after 1880, apparently in Mississippi. (Ref. 29)
1& 2 BABY GIRLS HUNT b.-d. ca. 1829 and ca. 1830
3. HARRIETT JANE HUNT b. 19 Aug. 1831 d. 9 May 1902 m. George Henry Lindsey (18 Sept. 1851:
4. MARY HUNT b. ca. 1833
5. EMELINE HUNT b. ca. 1836 m. Wesley Asberry Lindsey (ca. 1855)
6. THOMAS V. HUNT b. Dec. 1837 d. ca. 1900
7. HENRY CORNELIUS HUNT b. 14 Jan. 1840 d. 18 Nov. 1918 1st m. Susannah Lindsey (ca. 1860) 2m. Elizabeth C Mathis
9. WILLIS HUNT b. 1843/1844
10 CLAMENTA HUNT b. 1846/1847 d. ca. 1866 m. Larson
11. MISSOVRI HUNT b. ca. 1848
12. LEWIS C. HUNT b. Dec. 1852


Willis Hunt, son of James Hunt Jr. and his wife Jemimah Drucilla Carter, was born in Georgia on 1 October 1808. He married Priscilla Teasley on 5 November 1833. He is the one whose Day Book with the l1stof dates of birth for the children of James and Mary Rackley Hunt is preserved in the Georgia State Archives. Willis died on 2 September 1872. Nine children who lived long enough to be named were born to Willis and Priscilla. (Ref. 7,28)
1. LUCY ANN DRUCILLA HUNT b. 29 Mar. 1836
2. JAMES WILLIS HENRY HUNT b. 29 Oct. 1837
7. WILLIAM SION ASBURY HUNT b. 5 Apr. 184E m. Frances Cunningham

1. JOHN HUNT m. Elizabeth Gaines

1. Looney H. Hunt b. 2 Feb. 1881 m. Annie E. Gaines (5 June 1900)

1. ANNIE LEE HUNT b. Apr. 1902 m. L. L. Stovall (9 Sept. 1923)
2. WILLIE HUNT b. 23 Nov. 1903 m. Ruth Maxwell (27 June 1921)
3. PARKER HUNT b. 3 Aug. 1906 m .Grovia Dockery b. 9 Sept 190

2. Evey Hunt m. John Reynolds

9. MARY MILDREND (TANCE?) HUNT b. 13 Oct. 1854

Shadrack Hunt, son of Mary Rackley and James Hunt, was born in present day Franklin County, N.C., 11 April 1764. According to the bond, Shadrack married Elizabeth Whitehouse in Franklin County, N.C., on, or shortly after, 27 December 1787 (Ref. 23). In 1789, he witnessed a deed in Franklin County, and he headed a household there on the 1790 census. In 1800 Shadrack was living in adjacent Wake County. His father's will, written in Robertson County, Tenn., and dated 22 August 1803, left Shadrack one Negro named Milly (Ref. 19). He was taxable in Davidson County, Tenn., in 1811 and in Robertson County in 1812 (Ref. 53,54). Shadrack, who would have been about 76 years old in 1840, appears to be the "Sh. Hunt," 70 to 80 years old, on the 1840 census of Robertson County (Ref. 22). The will of a Shadrack Hunt was recorded in Robertson County in 1847 (Re f 35) . Name s of Shadrack and Elizabeth's children have not been determined, but a census matrix (Ref. 22) suggests that they had five sons and five daughters.

Agnes Hunt, namesake of her paternal grandmother, was born to James and Mary Rackley Hunt on 27 July 1766 in present-day Franklin County, N.C. She married Conrad Coon, or Coone (Ref. 27). Her father's will left Agnes $1 (Ref. 19). No children have been identified for Agnes and Conrad Coone.

William Hunt, son of Mary Rackley and James Hunt, was born on 9 November 1768 in present-day Franklin County, N.C., where he witnessed a deed in 1789. He married Frances Lewis (Ref. 27). An early settler in Tennessee, he received a 100-acre portion of the homeplace, a feather bed, and a saw from his father's estate (Ref. 19). In 1812 William was taxable in Robertson County, Tenn., where he headed a household in 1820 and 1830 (Ref. 48). A census matrix (Ref. 22) suggests that William and Frances had as many as three daughters and seven sons, but their children have not been identified by name. William is presumed to have died between the 1830 and 1840 censuses because Frances headed a household in Robertson County in 1840.

Matthew Hale Hunt, son of Mary Rackley and James Hunt, was born on 26 April 1771 in present-day Franklin County, N.C. Matthew married Nancy Kilbro (Re f . 27) or Kimbro (Ref. 38) in Davidson County, Tenn., where the bond was posted on 13 November 1797 On 23 February 1801 Matthew purchased 50 acres of land on the waters of Stones River and the south bank of McCrorys Creek (Ref. 37). Witnesses were Sion Hunt and John Anthony. Three days later, on 26 February 1801, Matthew witnessed the deed for John Anthony's purchase of land on Stones River (Ref. 37). Matthew received a black mare and a colt in his father's will (Ref. 19). In 1820 and 1830 Matthew headed a household in Rutherford County, Tenn. He died in 1832 (Re f . 5 6 ) , and Nancy was head of the household in 1840. A census matrix (Ref. 22) suggests that Matthew and Nancy had at least three sons and three daughters born between 1810 and 1820. Their children have not been identified by name. Nancy died during the 1840s (Ref. 56). She probably was buried with Matthew in Rutherford County, but the site of their graves is unknown.

Sion Hunt, son of Mary Rackley and James Hunt, was born in present-day Franklin County, N.C., on 30 September 1773. He became an early settler in Tennessee and was in Davidson County by October 1797 (Ref. 37). Sion was a witness when his brother Matthew purchased land on the Stones River in 1801 (Ref. 37). Sion married Rebecca Durham (Ref. 22), or Dunham (Ref. 38). Their marriage bond was posted on 11 February 1801 in Davidson County,
Tenn. (Ref. 38). Sion was an executor of his father's will, which left him the sum of $1 (Ref. 19). Sion's will was recorded in 1851 in Robertson County, Tenn. (Re f . 36) . No record is available for the children of Rebecca and Sion Hunt.

Judith (Judy) Hunt, daughter of Mary Rackley and James Hunt, was born 9 August 1777 in present-day Franklin County, N.C. Judith and Abner Gupton obtained a marriage bond in Franklin County on 30 August 1796 (Ref. 23). The bondsman was James Hunt, and the witness was Green Hill Jr. A son of James Gupton and Sarah H. Foster (Ref. 24), Abner was born in North Carolina in 1761. Serving in the Continental Line during the American Revolution, he was wounded while fighting in the Battle of Guilford Courthouse on 15 March 1781 (Ref. 39).
On 29 December 1807, Abner sold his land in Franklin County to Michael Eley (Ref. 39). In 1808 he, Judy, and their four children moved to Tennessee, where three more children were born. The Guptons settled in a portion of Montgomery County that later fell into Cheatham County (Ref.
39). On 21 July 1808 Abner purchased 300 acres of land on Half Pone Creek at the mouth of the Raccoon Fork (Ref. 39). On 4 September 1808, he added 320 acres to his holdings (Ref. 39). Known as Gupton's Cross Roads in the early years, the settlement was renamed "Henrietta" sometime prior to the 1860 census. According to family tradition the new name was chosen because of Ab's granddaughter, Henrietta Gupton Duke, daughter of Robert Thomas
Gupton (Ref. 39). Henrietta was born in 1851, and the settlement bore the name Henrietta at the time of the 1860 census. "Judah Guffton" was mentioned in her father's will which left her $1 (Ref. 19) Judith died on 14 April 1841 (Re f . 2 0 , 3 9) . On 5 October 1841, Abner married Martha A. Ward Power, widow of Samuel D. Power (Ref. 20,39). Martha and Samuel's daughter, Martha Henrietta, married Abner and Judith's son Robert (Ref. 20,39). Abner died 20 August 1859. He and Judith are buried in the Ab Gupton Cemetery, also known as the Gupton Old Quarter Cemetery, 1.8 miles southeast of Mount Herman Bapt1stChurch in Cheatham County (Ref. 20). [Information on Abner and Judith Hunt Gupton was adapted from the writings of Edna Zornes Cabler (Re f . 39) and the genealogical records of Tess Elliott (Ref. 25).
1. MARY (POLLY ) GUPTON b. C 1799, N.C. (res. Cheatham Co., 1860; Re f . 40) m. Thomas Hunter b. C 1775/1780 d.C 1836
2. JAMES H[UNT?3 GUPTON b. 1800, N.C. (res. Cheatham Co., 1860; Ref. 40) 1stm. Sarah Hale 2m. Martha Moke 3m. Margaret Doweling (after 1860]
3. SARAH (SALLY) GUPTON b. 1804, N.C. m. John Padre b. 1798 d. 1865
4. ABNER GUPTON JR. b. ca. 1805, N.C. d. 18 July 1856 m. Jane Bats (19 May 1844) b. 20 Dec 1825 d. 24 Jan. 1882
5. JUDITH GUPTON b. C 1810, Tenn. m Enoch Dozier b 1807
6. ROBERT THOMAS GUPTON b. 15 June 1811, Tenn. d_ 22 Oct. 1866 m. Martha Henrietta Power b. 7 Sept. 1820 d. 25 May 1863 both bur. Ab Gupton Cem. (d/o Samuel D. Power and Martha A. Ward r2m.Abner Gupton)
7.ELIZABETH GUPTON b. C 1818(?), Tenn. m. Matthew T. Hale

Mary Gupton was born to Abner and Judith Hunt Gupton about 1799 in North Carolina. Polly married Thomas Hunter, who was born between 1775 and 1780. He died in 1836. She was living in Cheatham County, Tenn., at the time of the 1860 census. Mary and Thomas had at least five children. (Ref. 25)
1. ABNER HUNTER b. 1819 d. 1874/1875 (res. Cheatham Co., Tenn. ) m. Mary Ann Bell b. 1823 (Their daughter, Fredonia Tennessee Hunter, married her second cousin, Henry Abner [Black Ab3 Gupton, son of Andrew Jackson Gupton and Mary C. Felts.)
(typo ? should it be Henry Abner Pardue, son of Andrew Jackson Pardue
2. JUDITH HUNTER b. 1823 d. 1849 m. James Major(s)

1. J. MAJORS (son) b. 1845
2. A. MAJORS (daughter) b. C 1847

3. MARY HUNTER b. 1829 d. 1898 m. Cooper Gupton b. 1821 d. 1880 (s/o Ebenezer Nimrod Gupton C1785-18613 and Sarah Anderson [b. 17953

1. JOHN T. GUPTON b. 1847 d. 1880
2. MARY ANN GUPTON b. 1849 d.1859
4. WILLIAM GUPTON b. 1853 d. 1877 5. S. A. GUPTON (daughter) b 1855
5. ROBERT COOPER (RED BOB) GUPTON b. 1857 d. 1951 m, Kittle Hunter b. 1866 d. 1937 (granddaughter of Mary Gupton and Thomas Hunter
6. JOSEPH A. GUPTON (daughter; 1860 census) b.c 1860 d. 1861
7. JAMES H. GUPTON b. 1861 d. 1865
8. JESSE D. GUPTON b.c 1867 d. 1902 (killed by gun)

4. WINNIE A. HUNTER b. 1833 d. 1880 m_ John D. Nicholson b.c 1830 d. 1880 (s/o Nathaniel Nicholson and Eliza Davis; Civil War veteran)

1. NATHANIEL T. NICHOLSON b. 1852 d. 1936 1stm. Roberta Nicholson 2m. Pandora Fatherly
2. ROBERT ABNER NICHOLSON b. 1853 d. 1917 (killed by a gun)
3 COOPER W. NICHOLSON b. 1866 d. 1896 m. Virginia Bell Nicholson b.c 1874 d. 1960s (2m Midlowe Dyce) (d/o Gideon Austin Nicholson and Mary Barton)
4.CORD D. NICHOLSON b. 1870 d. 1949 m. Lizzie Smith
5. THOMAS D. HUNTER b. 1835 d. 1880 (had son called "One-Eared Bob":

Born to Judith Hunt and Abner Gupton about 1799, James H. [for Hunt ?3 Gupton probably was named for his maternal grandfather. James married three times. His first wife was Sarah Hale, the mother of one son, NICHOLAS GUPTON (b. 1838). His second wife was Martha Moke. No children were born to that union. James Gupton's third wife was Margaret Dowling, daughter of Frances Dowling, an immigrant from Ireland. Maggie was the mother of JOHN DANIEL
(SHORT JOHN) GUP TON (1863-1940) and ROBERT THOMAS (JIM BOB) GUPTON. Short John married Sally V. Pardue (his first cousin once removed)daughter of Andrew Jackson Pardue and Mary C. Felts. Jim Bob married Sarah Catherine Gupton, daughter of Lydia Page and Ebenezer Nimrod (Ebben) Gupton Jr. (1813-1884; son of E. N. Gupton [1785-18613 and Sarah Anderson [b. 17953). Sarah Catherine had two children, a son named EWING and an infant daughter who accidentally fell into the fire and died. Poor Sarah went mad with grief and never recovered her sanity. Ewing was reared by Sarah Catherine's sister, Mary Jane Gupton. (Ref. 25,39)

Sarah Gupton, a daughter of Abner and Judith Hunt Gupton, was born in North Carolina about 1804. She married John Pardue, who was born in 1798 and died in 1865. Three children were born to this union. (Ref. 25) DESCENDANTS OF SARAH GUPTON and John Pardue
1. JUDITH PARDUE b. 1825 d. 1887 m. W. H. Pac
2. ROBERT COOPER PARDUE m. Frances Fatherly (Their son Finis married Rena Nicholson, daughter of Abner Frank Nicholson and Osage Valley Stewart.)
3. ANDREW JACKSON PARDUE b. 1833 d. 1910 m. Mary C. Felts (Their son, Henry Abner [Black Ab] Pardue, married his second cousin, Freedonia Tennessee Hunter, daughter of Abner Hunter and Mary Ann Bell.)

Abner Gupton Jr. was born to Judith Hunt and Abner Gupton about 1805 in present-day Franklin County, N.C. Although he was deaf and dumb, Abner married Jane Batts on 19 May 1844. Born 20 December 1825, she was the daughter of Mary Batts. Jane and Abner had six children, the youngest of whom was born in 1856, the same year Abner Jr. died on the 18th of July.
Jane lived until 24 January 1882. Both are buried in the Ab Gupton Cemetery. (Ref. 20,25)
1. JOHN THOMAS GUPTON m. Freedonia Pardue (d/o Henry Abner [Black Ab Pardue &
Freedonia Tennessee Hunter [d/o Abner Hunter & Mary Ann Be11)
4. MARTHA G./J. GUPTON b. 1848
5. MARY J. GUPTON b. 1853 (six children) m. John J. (Squire) Gupton b. 1848/1849 (s/o Robert Thomas Gupton and Martha Powers)
6. SARAH ANN GUPTON b. 1856 d. 192_ m. J. T. Nicholson b. 1856 d. 1940 (s/o William Jefferson Nicholson and Delana

Judith Gupton, daughter of Judith Hunt and Abner Gupton, was born in Tennessee about 1810. She married Enoch Dozier (Ref. 39), who was born about 1807 in Tennessee. At the time of the 1860 census (Ref. 40), Enoch and Judith were living in Cheatham County, Tenn., and had three children in their household: ABNER, b. 1847; ENOCH, b. 1849; and J., an 8-year-old

Robert Thomas Gupton, son of Judith Hunt and Abner Gupton, was born in 1811. He married Martha Henrietta Powers, daughter of Samuel D. Powers and Martha A. Ward. Following Judith's death in 1841, Abner Gupton married the Widow Powers, making Robert T. Gupton's wife his stepsister. Seven children were born to Robert and Martha Gupton (Ref. 25). Martha, who was born 7 September 1820, died 25 May 1863. Robert died 22 October 1866. Both are buried in the Ab Gupton Cemetery in Cheatham County, Tenn. (Ref. 20,25).
1. MARTHA A. GUPTON b. 1840 m. Joseph Gupton

2. ABNER J. GUPTON b. 1842
3. CAVE J. GUPTON b. 1846 d. 1872 m. Henrietta Duke (2m Tobe Gupton) Five children: ROBBIEI ETTAI SAM D. PETER, and CAVE D. GUPTON
4. JOHN J. (SQUIRE) GUPTON b. 1848/1849 m. Mary J. Gupton b. 1853 (d/o Abner Gupton Jr. and Jane Batts)
5. HENRIETTA (H. L.) GUPTON b.1851 m. Duke 6 & 7. UNKNOWN CHILDREN

John Hunt, youngest child of Mary Rackley and James Hunt, was born 24 May 1781 in Franklin County, N.C. He moved to Robertson County, Tenn., with his parents and became an executor of his father's estate (Ref. 19). John received a 540-acre portion of the homeplace, a Negro, a mare, a gun, one bed and furniture, all plantation tools, and all that was left to the widow. John was taxable in Robertson County in 1812 (Ref. 53). John apparently did not marry until he was nearly 40 years old. His wife, Elizabeth Bryant, was born about 1801 (Ref. 27). Census data for 1820 through 1850 indicate that John and Elizabeth may have had as many as eight children. At the time of the 1820 census, John had four females in his household: one born prior to 1775 (probably his mother), two born 1794 to 1804, and one born 1804 to 1810 (Ref. 22). The young women were either the children of an unknown first wife or, more likely, Elizabeth and two of her sisters. By 1830 John and Elizabeth had two sons and three daughters, unless one or more of the children belonged to the second adult female in their household. The male born 1750 to 1760 probably was John's older brother, Henry. At the time of the 1850 census, the couple had three children still living at home: ELIZABETH, b. 1832, NARCTSSY C., b. 1833, and JAMES V. (= B.) HUNT, b. 1836. John apparently died prior to the 1860 census (Ref. 40), for Elizabeth headed her own household in Cheatam County, Tenn., in 1860 (Ref. 50). Living with her were James B. Hunt, 24, and a 63-year-old female, N. P. Bryan(t), apparently the same person as the Nancy L. Bryan(t) who was living with John and Elizabeth in 1850, and presumably Elizabeth's unmarried sister. Dates of death and the place of burial are not known for John and Elizabeth Hunt.

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Cornwallis surrendered at Yorktown. Philip's father also served with the Virginia Continentals and was present on both occasions, though father and son did not see one another.
Philip married Elizabeth Stewart in Virginia in 1792. She was born in Scotland in 1771 and came to America at the age of 18. The couple moved to Montgomery County, Tenn. Elizabeth died and Philip remarried; the widow who claimed his Revolutionary War pension was named Mary. Philip died on 17 August 1842 and is buried in the Wilson Cemetery, just west of Cambria, Williamson County, ILL. Many of Philip and Elizabeth's descendants are buried in the Russell Cemetery, just east of Russell Corners.
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