The following are the Facts I have about "Lucy" Throckmorton. If you have any more info on her or who her family is.... Please email me.... Thanks, Cyd


1. Birth- according to Thomas J Rawls application to the Dawes Commission was abt 1813. (Her last name was spelled Throgmartin, Throgmortin, Throgmorton in the application.) Also on the application he stated she had two brothers, one named Jim and one named Lewis. TJRawls.html

2. Lucy Throckmorton married John C. Rawls in 1830 in Claiborne Co MS. marriage bond

3. She had six Children Sarah, Joseph, Martha, Susan, Thomas J. and John Felix.The first two being born in MS before 1835 the last three born in Montgomery Co AR.

4. She died in 1848 (according to Thomas J Rawls application to the Dawes Commission.) when her youngest was 2 years old and is the first person buried in Lowe Cemetery in Garland Co AR.

5. Her tombstone states: "Sarah Throgmartin Rawls d.1852, First person buried in Lowe Cemetery" (It has been speculated that she died prior to 1852 as she is not on the Hot Springs, AR 1850 census pg. 305, with John C Rawls and her children.... and the tombstone is relatively new... It think it was put in place in the 1970's)

- the 2 following pages are from the "Mississippi River Routes" pages 35 & 36 published by the Vicksburg Genealogical Society - Quartly Journal - Winter 1996 - Vol. 4, No. 2 - The will of Mordecai Throckmorton and Probate for Robert Throckmorton.

this excerpt is from . A genealogical and historical account of the Throckmorton family in England and the United States. by: Throckmorton, Charles Wickliffe, Richmond: pg. 332

Old Dominion Press, 1930.   *Find copy:  Jean Helms* email-

G-129 Robert Throckmorton ( Robert, Gabriel, John, Robert) b.Nov. 20 1736 in Culpeper County VA. Student of William and Mary College in 1754. Justice of the Peace in Culpeper County, 1769. Married June 16, 1757, Lucy, dau. of Capt. Mordecai Throckmorton of King and Queen County, VA and his wife Mary Reade.
1. Robert Throckmorton- b May 1758 moved to LA, now Jefferson County, Miss and was in partnership there with his brother, Lewis.
2. Mary Throckmorton- b. march 6 1760
3. Mordecai Throckmorton- b. May 2, 1758; moved to LA and was living in Jefferson County in1792 (now Mississippi), near Church Hill in Villa Gayso. He was a Justice of the Peace in 1800. Moved to Claiborne County, Miss., and built a hotel called the Red Tavern. married Elizabeth______________.
4. Frances Throckmorton- b. Feb 2 1765. Married Dec 20 1783, General William Madison of "Woodbury" Madison County VA ( brother of president Madison)

I know "Lucy" probably fits into this family. Mordecai, Lewis, and Robert are the most likely candidates. As they are the only Throckmorton's I have found that went to Mississippi in the right time/place frame.

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