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These are some of the better pictures that I have scanned. Below each picture is the transcription on the back. If you would like bigger copies let me know ... I can send you a digital copy via email (no more than 500k).


Della and Husband




Aunt Della Cranford


These pictures look like Della and I but are not so good. They were taken in my daughter Evelyn's yard when the sun was just going down and was a little to shadowey for a good picture.

(Della and Olive)


Call, Nan, Zoe, Chat, Susie, Net

I think their names are Callie, Nancy, Zory, Charity, Susie, Nettie

These are pictures of the living Goodner girls, Manda and Lucy are dead so is Dee the only boy.

 John Clayton Goodner and Eliza Catherine (Louisa Cranford) Goodner - taken at their 50th anniversary - from Carrie Moos


Bro Fannon and Wife

Fannon Cranford


Olive Cranford Deering


Bro. Tom Cranfords Daughter and family


Forth generation I had one of the older ones but I guess I have given them away.

Ester her youngest daughter and baby and myself. The baby has on jeans as it was real cold.


My Bro.

Elisha Cranford

The eldest son


This is not my good picture of Frank and I



Martha Loretta Cranford Rawls.



More Photos From Carrie Moos - thanks Carrie!

Herbert Cranford -26 Sept. 1905

Harvey Cranford - born 18 May 1899

Oliver McDonald Cranford 1898

Thomas B. Cranford -

David Wesley Cranford his wife Sarah and three of their kids


Group Cranford Photo - Left Top, Harvey Cranford, Middle Herbert Cranford, Top Right Oliver
Cranford, Bottle Row L-R" Buddy"
(Herbert Jr.), Herbert, Middle Row L-R Gayle, Linda, Sandra, Wayne. Back
Row L-R Tommy, Dan, Glenn,
And a note that Tom and Sandra are twins.

Left to right looking at photo back row My great Uncle Herbert My great
Grandpa David Wesley Cranford with large hat on and my Great Uncle Charley.
Front row little girl was my Great Aunt Oleatha and my Great Grandmother
Sarah Emma McClain Kimzey Cranford.

From Carrie Moos

( Click on the photo to the right to see a close-up)


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