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Cranford and related Cemetery Records
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Elisha Dow is buried: Sunny Slope Cemetery, Beaumont, Imperial
County, California:(grave 1, Section 72, tract 6) (with David his
brother, actually Elisha's second wife Liza bought the plots for them)

MoLinda Catherine (Roberson), Elisha's first wife:Greenwood
Cemetery, Forest Lawn (old part) Pheonix, Arizona

Eliza Ann (Friddley) second wife:Greenwood Cemetery, Forest
Lawn (old part) Pheonix, Arizona


John Cranford born 1785-6 Cranford Cemetery, Walker Ala, Also Wife Elizabeth wilkes.

McDade Cem. Ala. Abner Cranford born 1803-10,John Edward Cranford,Sarah Ann Matilda Cranford,Ida Atkins, Oscar Atkins,

Greenwood Cem. Phx. Az. William Henry Newcomb, Della C. Cranford died sept. 1951 Phx Az. Florence Cranford Neill, Milton Neill, James William Neill (father-in-law to Florence) Eva Jane Runyan Neill Beals (mother-in-Law to Florence) William Fosburg and wife Bertha Bartlett, Parents to Margret May Fosburg Cranford.

Pleasant Cem. Ala. Sherman Cranford, Susan Alma Myers under Pleasant Grove Cem Ala.? Same Robin Lee Myers, Alabama Sides, Darling Eddie Myers,

Bushy Creek Cem. ALa. David Speagle, Winifred Cranford born 18 feb 1811

Lawrence Cove Cem. Ala. Mary Polly Cranford born 1813

Eminence Cem. Mississippi, Wm. Cranfordborn 18 feb. 1818 Tandy Walker Cranford Sr, George Thomas Cranford.Charles Edwin Cranford,

Hope Cem. Cullman Co. Ala. Thomas K.C.Gibson, (New Hope Cem) Charles Hardy Cranford, Philip Jefferson Myers, William Harvey Cain, Dolly J. Myers,Cordelia Myers

Mt. Ida Montgomery co. Ark. Thomas Mathew Cranford.

Forest Hill Cem. Little Rock Ark. Robert Corneluis Cranford, Tennie Church

McMahan Cem. Holdenville Okla. Arnold Dorrough,

Lookeba Cem. Okla. Winston Dorrough, Mary Lousia Cranford, Rhea Cranford Monroe,

Oakland Cem. Little Rock, Ark. John Robert Cranford born 1848, Lucinda Cranford born 27 mar. 1849-51, Andrew Jackson Denny,

Collinsville Texas Cemetery , William Bartlet McKnight

Pine Ridge Cem. Ark. John Clayton Goodner,Louisa Catherine Cranford, Marcus Ratliff, Amanda E. Goodner, Thomas L. Sheilds, Lucy Goodner

PineCrest Cem. Little Rock Ark. Dale Stewart Griffis,

Oak Hill Ala. Cem. John Berry Lollar,Harriet Elizabeth Taylor, Bodine Myers

Tubbs Cem. Ala. Samuel Tubbs Born 28 apr. 1949, Samuel Tubbs Born 4 Apr. 1824,Malinda Cranford born 15 apr. 1828, Nancy Emily Cranford,

Morris Graveyard Ala. Daniel Lee Tubbs

Sunnyslope Cem. Beaumont Calif. David Wesley Cranford.

Pomona Cemetery Calif. Charles Henry Cranford.

Satwell National Cem. Calif. Leonard Owen Neill.

Mount Tabor Cem. S.C. Henry Kitchens, Alice Cary Cranford.

Oakwood Memorial Cem Santa Cruz Calif. Albert L. Rawls., Martha Loretta Rawls Butler

Lowe Cem. Ark. Thomas Felix Rawls,

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