This transcription is from a handwritten letter the County Clerk wrote for Thomas J Rawls June 1, 1908. The copy I recieved from NARA is extremly faded and very poor. I scanned the document in at 1000dpi to try and see what was written. I managed to get most of the letter. I will leave underlined spaces for what I could not manage to read.
Transcriber: Cyd Rawls -

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* NOTE: I did not correct any spelling errors on the document.

REP: JUN 1 1908
28528 / BEAR ARK MAY 24 1908
Commisioner of the
court of claims
Eastern Cherokee Enrollment
The claim I have is from
my mother she was a
Throgmartin she dide when
I was a small child. That
is why I know little about
our People I never would
of hierd if it had not been
for a Stranger I met with
he advised me _________
showed Indian. It is ____
whether I can prove it and
if anny of my people ever
got anny thing I do not no
____ ____ ________ __ ____


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I nor my children have never
been enrolled by the Dawes
if they would send _____
agent around
they could see for them
selves when I meet Indians
they ____ Indian __ Keep __ ____
if my parent ever particip
ated in anny settler payment
I never new it. You advise
me what to do.
Thos Rawls
Bear Clerk

* When I did a search on NARA this whole page didn't show up ...... I had to seach all the seperate images within each census! Then when I did order it from NARA it took 3 months to get it. So be patient if you order a copy.

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