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Thomas King Caid Gibson was b. 7 Sep 1818 in Roame Co.,Tn., and d. 25 Jan 1905 in Cullman Co.,Al. He mar. Charlotte Cranford 19 Dec 1836 in Morgan Co.,Al. . Charlotte was b. in 1819 in Chester District S.C. and .

Thomas King Caid Gibson was b. 7 Sep 1818 in Roane Co.,Tn. to Issac Gibson and Jan ?. and died 25 Jan 1906 in Cullman Co.,Al. He married Charlotte Cranford, b. in Chester District,S.C. in 1819 , d. 11 Jun 1904 in Winston Co.,Al. She is the d/o John C. Cranford and Elizabeth Wilkes.Thomas and Charlotte were mar. in Morgan Co.,Al. 19 Dec 1836. [ The Morgan Co. Courthouse was then located in Somerville,Al., where I now live.] They lived a while in Morgan Co.,Al. near an area called Cedar Plains [ I think it is now Falkville,Al.] Many of their children were born and married in this county.]
From Morgan Co. they moved to Walker Co.,Al. where Charlottes parents had moved. Several children were born in Walker Co.,Al.
Then they moved to Winston Co.,Al. where they spent the rest of their lives.
Charlottes was a small, less than five foot, frail lady and sickly. The last years of her life she couldn't do any work so George's wife, Josephine and her family did the work in Charlotte and Thomas home and in their own. They lived in an old house that was run down but would not move until George and some others pushed the house over. Thomas had no choice but to move in with George and his family. Charlotte died 11 Jun 1904 in Winston Co.,Al. at the home of G.W. Gibson.
Charlotte had begged Thomas to join the Meth. Chu. but he was a very stubborn man. When he did join the chu. it was a Bap. chu. Thomas was visiting his son Isham P. when word was sent to George W., who was a Bap. minister, to come to Double Springs as quick as he could. George saddled an old mule and rode as fast as he could from Arley,Al. to Double Springs. He thought his father was dying. Thomas had just decided he was ready to be baptized. After Charlotte died, Thomas lived with different children. I have a feeling he would stay until he got mad about something and then move in with another one. He was living with George and his family and got mad about something, loaded his wagon with his bed [ mattress] and all of his possessions and drove his wagon over to Good Hope in Cullman County to his daughter Lovinia Woods house. This was in the winter. Thomas caught pneumonia and died. A coffin was made. Thomas was put in the coffin along with his walking cane and Bible and I was told all the things that could be carried. The weather was too bad for Lovinia to go along to take her daddys body back to Winston Co. There had been a lot of rain and many roads were washed out. A man had to go along in front of the horses with a lantern to make sure the bridge hadn't been washed out. They did get him back to Winston Co. and he was bur. in the same cemetery beside his Charlotte. Both are bur. at Mt. Hope Meth. Cem. near Arley, in Winston Co.,Al.

Children of Thomas King Caid Gibson and Charlotte are;
1. Hannah Gibson; b. 26 Jan 1839; d. 23 Apr 1906, Cullman Co.Al. She is bur. in the Brushy Lake Cem. , Cullman Co.,Al.Cem. She mar. Thomas Bird Calvert 20 Mar 1861, s/o Thomas Calvert and Elizabeth Calvert. He was b. 26 Apr and d. 15 May 1877 in Cullman Co.,Al. He is bur. at Bowman's Chap. Cem. ][When Smith Lake was formed graves were relocated from the Tom Calvert Cem. on Ryans Creek to Bowman's chap.]

Children of Hannah Gibson and Thmas Bird Calvert are;

1.Robert Houston Calvert; b. 18 Jan 1862, Cullman Co.,Al.; d. 17 Nov 1862, Cullman Co.,Al.
2.Thomas Bird LaFayette Calvert; b. 27 Apr 1863, Cullman Co.,Al.d; 4 Sep 1867, Cullman Co.,Al.
3. Armentia Elizabeth Calvert; b. 18 Nov 1864, Cullman Co., Al. d; 6 Dec 1867, Cullman Co.,Al.
4. Christopher Columbus Calvert; b. 25 Nov 1865, Cullman Co.,Al. d: 2 Sep 1873 , Cullman Co., Al.
5. Modena Frances Calvert; b. 28 Feb 1867, Cullman Co., Al.; d.13 May 1904; mar. John M. Persall,
6. Charles Willis Calvert; b. 10 Nov 1868, Cullman Co,Al.;d. 28 Dec 1951., mar. Effy Glenn.
7. Cicero Clement Calvert; b. 10 Nov 1869; d. 27 Aug 1948, m. Amy Sinyard, jun 11,1893.
8. Lenora Ann Calvert; b. 27 Apr 1871; d. 1910, Winston Co.,Al.; m. John F. Reno.
9. Richard Martin Calvert; b. 9 Dec 1872; d. 5 Feb 1964, Winston Co.,Al.; m. Hulda F. Gray.
10. Jessie David Calvert; b. 18 Aug 1875; d. 16 Jan 1899; m. Margaret J. Barnett.
11. Lucy Jane Calvert; b. 3 Mar 1897, d; 8 jun 1966, Cullman Co.,Al., m. William Carl Gray.

2. Emely Gibson; b. 10 Nov 1835, Al. d; 18 Feb 1920; m.Enoch Tom Murphy; b. 1836; d. bet. 1885 and 1902.. Both are bur. Rices Cem. Walker Co.,Al.

Children of Emily Gibson and Enoch Tom Murphy are;
1. Mary Murphy. m.Jonathan N. Harris, 1888, Morgan Co.,Al.
2. Babe Murphy;
3. Frank Murphy;
b. 22 Mar 1875, Falkville, Al.; d. 29 May 1961; m. Minnie Viola Brown
4. Doc Murphy
5. Tom Jr. murphy
6. Beulah Murphy;
b. 1879; d. 15 Apr 1915, Morgan Co.,Al. m. William M. Morris
7. John m. Murphy;
b. 13 Jun 1876, piney Grove, Al.; d. 22 Apr 1941; m. Evelyn Louise Emery.
8. Henry H. Murphy;
b. May 1867; m. Bealah Robinson
9.Edgar S. Murphy;
b. 28 Aug 1880; d. 10 Mar 1955 Cedar Creek, l.; m. Sarah Holmes.

3. Elizabeth '' Liddie'' Gibson ; b. 1834 in Al. m. Thomas Knight, b. 1831

Children of Elizabeth Gibson and Thomas Knight are;
1. Thomas Knight; b. 1862
2. George Knight
; b. 1866
3. Frances Knight
; b. 1869
4. Johnie Knight
; b. 1872
5. Lucretia Knight
; b. 1874
6. Henry Knight
; b. 1878


4. Mary Susan Gibson; b. 25 Apr 1843, Walker Co..Al.;d. 1887 in Fisher Co.,Tx. ; m.
David Milton Hughes 29 Jan 1862, son of James Hughes and Martha S. David was b; 13 Sep 1843 in Walker Co.,Al.; d. 5 Feb 1926 Fisher Co.,Tx.

Children of Mary Susan Gibson and David M. Hughes are;
1. Abner J. Hughes; b. 1862
2. David h. Hughes; b. 1864
3, James M. Hughes; b. 1867
4. Adelien Hughes; b. 1869
5. Sarah C. Hughes; b.1871
6. John Hughes; b. 1873
7. Larkin Hughes; b. 1875
8. Nancy E. Hughes; b. 1876
9. Thomas Hughes; b. 1879

5. Celina M. Gibson; b. 1842, Al.
6. Manerva Gibson
; b. 1844; d. bef. 1806, mar. Joshua M. Perry in Walker Co., Al.
Manerva Gibson Perry is bur. Pinkey Cem. Westpoint, Lawrence Co.,Al.

Child of Manerva Gibson and Joshua Perry is;
1. Peter Boyer Perry

7. Henry Gibson; b. 1846, d; bef. 1860
8. Doctor H. Gibson
; b. 1848, Walker Co.,Al. ;d. bef. 1960
9. Jonathan B. Gibson
; b. 1852, Walker Co.,Al.; m. Emeline R. , b. 1854.

Children of Jonathan B. Gibson and Emeline R. are;
1. John Gibson; b. 1873, Winston Co.,Al.; mar. Emeline ?
2,Virgil M. Gibson
; b. 1874, Winston Co.,Al.
3. Mary A. Gibson
; b. 1875, Winston Co.,Al.
4.Sarah C. Gibson
; b. 1875, Winston Co.,Al.
5. King David Gibson
; b. 1878, Winston Co.,Al.
6. joham Gibson
; b. 1879, Winston Co.,Al.

10. Isham Prince Gibson; b. 23 Jun 1854, Walker Co.,Al.; d. 3 Jun 1895, Winston Co.,Al. mar. Sarah Elizabeth Tingle; daughter of Francis Tingle and Clarissa Ann ?
Sarah was b. 27 Mar, 1855 and d. 6 May 1924.
Both are bur. Fairview # 2 Cem., Winston Co., Double Springs.

Children of Isham Prince and Sarah Elizabeth Tingle are;
1. Mary Malinda Gibson;b. 29 Nov 1874; d. 1964, mar. Robert L. Blanton.
2. Charlotte C. Gibson; b. 14 Feb 1877; d. 1964, mar. Arlie Wickersham.
3. Sarah Ellen Gibson ; b. 27 feb 1880;d. 27 Aug 1910; mar. Luther Young.
4.Tranny M. Gibson; b. 9 jul 1881; m. M. A. McNutt
Tranny is bur. At Fairview #2 in Double Springs, Winston Co.,Al.
5. Lucy E. Gibson; b. 22 Jan 1884; mar. George McMillian.
6. Ethel J. Gibson; b. 6 Sep 1886; d. 1908
7. Benjamin H. Gibson; b. 11 Jan 1889; d. 29 oct 1948; mar. Edna Livingston
8. Eva Laeler gibson; b. 9 jun 1891; d. 5 Jan 1981; mar. James William Sutherland
9. Perney Ethel Gibson; b. 3 Mar 1894; d. 11 Dec 1994; mar. Walter W. Howell
Perney is bur. in Fairview #2 Cem, Winston Co,Al.

11. Luvinia C. Gibson; b. 1856, Walker Co.,Al.; mar. James M. Woods. He was b. Nov 1856 in Al.

Children of Luvinia Gibson and James Woods are;
1. Josey Woods; b. Aug 1884
2. George Woods; b. May 1888
3, Neva Woods; b. Jul 1892
4. Marlin Woods; b. Feb 1894

12. Jenyor Jerry Manasco Gibson; b. 13 Apr 1859,Walker Co.,Al.; d. 13 Mar 1918 in Lawrence Co.,Al., mar. Sarah Eliza Jane Lindley, dau. of George W. Lindley and Margaret Ann Lay. Liza was b. 3 Jul 1869 in Franklin Co.,Al.; d. 10 Apr 1916, Lawrence Co.,Al. Jerry mar. [1] ? Woods] Liza was his second wife.
Jerry and Liza are both bur. at Friendship Cem. [ half of the property is in Lawrence Co.,Al. and half in Morgan Co.,Al.

Children of Jerry Gibson and unknown Woods are;
1. Charles E. Gibson; b. 5 Apr 1885, Lawrence Co.,Al.; d. 18 Sep 1969 in Lawrence Co. He mar. Octavia Gililspi 11 Jun 1906 in Morgan Co.l.. She was b. 16 Apr 1884; d. 7 Mar 1948, lawrence Co.,Al.
Both are bur. Caddo Christian Cem., Lawrence Co.,Al.

Children of Charles Gibson and Octavia are;
1.Cullie Gibson; b. 8 Apr 1907, Lawrence Co.,Al.; d.12 Jun 1973; mar. Ruth Standridge jan 26, 1917. She was b.2 Jun 1907. Ruth and Cullie are both bur. at Caddo Christian Cem.,Lawrence Co.,Al.

Children of Cullie Gibson and Ruth Standridge are;
1.Charles Edwin Gibson
2. Calvin Hubert Gibson

2.Tycie Gibson; b. 11 Apr 1910 , Lawrence Co.,Al. She married Homer Price.

Children of Tycie Gibson and Homer Price are;
1. Cyree Price
2. Mable Price
3.Gordon Ray Price
4. Carolyn Price

3.Lettie Gibson; b. 1 Aug 1914, Lawrence Co.,al. mar. Lonnie Manner, son of William Manner and Mary Lou ?, b. 17 Aug1910, Lawrence Co.,Al.; d. 15 Dec 1997, Lawrence Co.,Al.

Child of Lettie Gibson and Lonnie manner is;
1. Rayford Manner

4. Elmer Gibson; b. 1918,d. 21 Aug 1959, mar. Annie Mae ?

Children of Elmer Gibson and Annie Mae ? are:
1.Gene Gibson
2.Roger Gibson
3. Cathy Gibson

5. Annie Gibson; mar. Joe Manner.

Children of Annie Gibson and JoeManner are;
1.Bobby Joe Manner
2.Charlie Manner
3.Angelia Manner

2. Annie Gibson; b. 3 Mar 1888, Lawrence Co.,Al.d; 21 Jun 1975, Cullman Co.,Al.; mar. John Henry Carden, 30 jun 1902; He was b. 11 Mar 1883; d. 27 feb 1970, Cullman Co.,Al.
Both are bur. at jones Chap. Cem. , Cullman Co.,Al.

Children of Annie Gibson and Henry Carden are;
1.Bernice Carden
2. Gertrude Carden
3. Clessie Carden

Children of Jerry Gibson and Liza Jame Lindley are;
1.Bert Daniel Gibson; b. 14 Jan 1884, Lawrence co.,Al.; d. 26 Jan 1966, Jefferson Co.,Al.; mar. Minda Jane Castleberry; b. 9 Apr 1890; d. 23 Oct 1960. both are bur. in Lynn Cem. in Jefferson Co.,Al.

Children of Bert Gibson and Minda Jan Castleberry are;
1.Earnest Gibson; b. 19 Feb 1907; d. 0 may 1979; mar. Lillie Glaze; b. 8 Jun 1923
no children. Earnest is bur. in Lynn Cem, Jefferson Co.,Al.
2. Dallas Porter Gibson; b.1909;d. 8 Jun 1981, mar. Myrtle Chappell.

Children of Porter Gibson and Myrtle Chapel are;
1. Myrtle Rosalin Gibson
2. Marion ruth Gibson
3. Douglas Paul Gibson
4. Berta Darlene Gibson
5. Earnestine Gibson
6. Daniel Porter Gibson
7.Minda Elaine Gibson

3. Holly Gibson; b. 7 Aug 1910;d.1996,.mar. George Kelley, son of Oliver kelly and Essie ? He was b. 3 jun 1907 and d. 9 Jan 1969

Children of holly Gibson and George Kelly are;
1. Earnest Ray Kelly
2.Wanna Kelley
3.George R. Kelley
4. Savanna Louise Kelley
5. Shelia Kelley
6.Dallas Kelley

4. Roger Dale Gibson [adopted]

5. Jimmy Gibson [ adopted]
6. Betty Gibson [ adopted]

3. Lewis Willis Gibson; b. 3 May 1889, Lawrence Co.,Al.; d. 3 Mar 1977, Morgan Co.,Al. Mar;[1[ Maudie Lucille Hill sep 17,1911, Lawrence Co.,Al. Maudie was b;. 13 Sep 1897; d. 13 Feb 1051 [2] Annie Mae ? Willis and Maudie are both bur. Johnsons Chapel Cem, Danville, Al. ,Morgan Co.,Al.

Children of Willis Gibson and Maudie Hill are;
1.Lillian Lucille Gibson; b. 16 Jun 1912; d. 24 Jun 1990, Morgan Co.,Al. mar.[1] Allen Smith; b. 5 Aug 1905; d. 2 Jan 1982 [2] John Chapman.
Lillian Gibson and Allen Smith are both bur. at Friendship Bap. Cem, near Danville,Al.

Children of Lillian Gibson and Allen Smith are;
1.Dorthoy Smith; m.[1] William Arthur Day [2] J. V. Strickland
2. James pearlyn Smith mar. Charlotte?
3. Loyd Delmer Smith; m. [1] June E. May[2] Lillie Pearce Hornbuckle.
4. Herschell Ray; mar.[1]Janice Dortch [2] Marie Vidoc [3] Peggy Morgan

2. Louis Gibson; b. 9 Feb 1914,Lawrence co.,Al.; d. 26 Jun 1991; mar.Lydia Smith; b. 8 Jan 1917.

Children of louis Gibson and Lydia Smith are;
1. Harlen Lee Gibson
2.James Howard Gibson
3. Milford Willis Gibson
; mar. Patricia Bowdren 11 Swp 1966, Madden, Ms. Patricia is the daughter of Harry Bowdren and Eleanor Dunn.

Children of Milford Gibson and Patricia Bowdren are;
1. Sheryl Gibson
2. Darlene Marie Gibson

3. Scott Alan Gibson
4. Lelar Lorene Gibson
; b. 14 May 1916
5. Edith Velma Gibson;
b. 21 Mar 1920;mar [1] Grady Olan Roden [2] Leon Mitchell

Children of Edith gibson and Grady Roden are;
1. Garnell Roden
2. Delia Velma Roden

Children of Edith Gibson and Leon Mitchell are;
1.Joyce Mitchell

5. John Henry Gibson; b. 1921 [ lived on abt. six months]
6.James Herschell Gibson
; b. 16 jun 1922 mar; Kathlene Crow 9 May 1942. She was b. 15 oct 1924.

Children of Herschel Gibson and Kathlene Crow are;
1. Margaret Ann Gibson; b. 1 Jan 1945, Morgan Co.,Al. m. [1] Joseph Warren ferguson [2] Marlin Coffee.

Children of Ann Gibson and Warren Ferguson are;
1. Jody Ferguson
2. Regina Ferguson

2. Donald Gibson; b. 27 Sep 1947
3.Danny Gibson; b. May 1960
4. Diane Gibson; b. May 1960 [ Danny and diane are twins]

7. Carrie Lovelle Gibson ; b. 15 Dec 1924, mar.[1] Arvel Jackson Smith, 13 Feb 1942. Arvel was b. 29 Dec 1918; d. 18 Jul 1975 mar[ 2] Buddy Rucks.

Children of Lovelle Gibson and ArvSmith are;
1. Jerry Orvale Smith; b. 24 Mar 1943
2. Martha Jo Smith; b. 9 Sep 1946
3. Joan Elizabeth Smith; b. 15 Jan 1949
4. Debra Annette Smith; b. 27 Aug 1951
5. Mary Gail Smith; b. 10 Mar 1955

8. Becky Irene Gibson; b. Nov 1927; mar. Howard Cheanult.

Child of becky Gibson and Howard Cheanult is;
1. Patsy Cheanult

9. Melonie Bernice Gibson; b. 22 Jan 1931, Mar, Ferlton Hill.

Children of Melonie Gibson and Felton Hill are;
1.Bobby Wayne Hill
2.Hames D. Hill
3.Barbara Sue Hill
4.Betty Jean Hill
5. Timothy Bruce Hill
6. Judith Ann Hill
7.Billy Mac Hill
8.Rodney Felton Hill


4. George Thomas Gibson; b. 28 Dec 1891, Lawerence Co.,Al.; d. 15 May 1973, Walker Co.,Al. ' mar. [1] Lula Haynes 23 Nov 1909, Lawrence Co.,Al. She was b. 10 Sep 1894, Lawrence Co.,Al.; d. 13 Sep 1968, Lawrence. [2] Mary unknown. George is bur. Oakhill Cem, Jasper, Al. Walker Co.,Al., where so many of our Cranfords are bur.

Child of George Gibson and Lula Haynes is;
1. Lucy Gibson ; b. 3 Jan 1911[ m`] James Osborn [2] Doyle Steelman.

Children of Lucy Gibson and James Osborn are;
1. James [Reford] Osborn
2.Lorene Osborn
3. Verneice Osborn

5. James H. Gibson; b. 1893, lawrence Co.,Al. died May 1992, Orlando,Fl. Mar. Eula Watson; on. 23 Mar 1913, Morgan Co.,Al. ; b. 1893; d. 29 May 1980, Fl.

Children of Jim Gibson and Eula watson are;
1. Jack Gibson [ adopted by Jim
2.Leon Gibson; b. 13 Sep 1918, Morgan Co.;d. 17 Nov 1918, morgan co.,Al. bur. Herring Cem., Morgan Co.,Al.

7. Emily Gibson; b. 21 Aug 1900, Lawrence Co.,Al.; d. 3 Dec 1927, Morgan Co.,Al.; mar. Joseph T. Brown, 19 Mar 1922,Morgan Co.,Al.
Emily and Joe had no children. She is bur. johnsons Chap. Cem. Danville, Al. , Morgan Co.,Al.

8.Fannie Mae Gibson; b. 28 Nov 1902. Lawrence Co.,Al.; d. 20 Jun 1944, Morgan Co.,Al. Mar. Joseph Edgar Brown 9 feb 1918, Morgan Co.,Al. [ Joseph T. Brown, Emilys' husband and Joseph Ed Brown were cousins.]
Mae is bur. Johnsons Chap Cem, Danville, Al.,Morgan Co.,Al.

Children of Mae Gibson and Jo Brown are;
1.Earline Brown; b. 6 feb 1919, Morgan Co.,al.mar. 5 Dec 1934 to Edward Jones. b. 1 mar 1916.

Children of Earline Brown and Edward Jones are;
1.James Dallas Jones
2.Jimmy Jones
3. Jackie lee Jones
4.Linda jones
5.Billy jones
6. Brenda Jones

2.Willis Almon Brown; b. 12 Aug 1920, Morgan Co.,Al.; d. 10 Apr 1986, Lawrence Co.,Al.. he mar.[1]Imogene Varnell [2]Lucille Pitts, [3] Louise Knight.

Children of Almon Brown and Imogene Varnell are;
1. Flora Imogard Brown
2.Fannie Mae Brown
3. Beberly Brown
4.W. A. [ Wllis Almon] Brown

Children of Almon Brown and Lucille Pitts are;
1. Sara Jane Brown
2.Mary Sue Brown

Child of Almon Brown and Louise Knight is;
1. Betty Sue Brown

3. Bernice Brown; b. 19 Mar 1925, Morgan Co.,Al.; d. 19 Mar 1925; mar. Evelyn Hughes .
No children.

4 Annie Mae Brown; b. 13 Jan 1927, Morgan Co.,Al.; d. 26 jun 1977, Morgan Co.,Al. mar. [1] Earl Shankles [2] Herschell Nolan

Children of Annie Mae Brown and Earl Shankles are;
1. Betty Shankles
2. Shirley Mae Shankles
3. Bobb Mae Shankles

[ If I haven't forgotten, Hershcell Nolan adopted these children.]

5.Roy Brown; d. at birth
6.Coy Brown
; died at birth [ twin of Roy]
7.Flora Mae Brown
; b.30 May 1931; mar. Cecil Morris.

Child of Flora Mae Brown and Cecil Morris is;
1.Ronald Lee Morris

8.Ruby Brown; died at birth
9. Marion
; died at birth [ twin of Ruby]
10. J. J. { James Daniel ] Brown
; b. 11 Sep 1936; mar. Ann Aukerman.

Children of James Daniel Brown and Ann Aukerman are;
1. Pat Brown
2. David brown

11.Marie Brown; b. 23 Aug 1934; mar.[1] Arnold Watts [2] Wade Bradford [3] Charles Terry.

Children of Marie Brown and Charles Terry are;
1. Steven Terry
2. Ronda Deneice Terry
3. Michael terry
[ was the son of Arnold Watts, Charles Terry adopted him when he and Marie mar.]

12. Berta Faye Brown; b. 18 May 1941, Morgan Co.,Al.; mar. Stanley Terry.

Children of Berta Faye and Stanley Terry are;
1. Gegory terry
2. Ramona Terry

13. Betty Brown; b. 18 May 1941, twin of Berta Faye Brown [ died at birth.


10. Carrie Jane Gibson; b. 28 Dec 1905, Lawrence Co.,Al.; d. 11 jun 1992, Walker Co.,Al. mar. Clifton Howard Atkins 2 jul 1921 , Morgan Co.,Al. Howard is the son of Thomas Atkins and Lola Brown, he was b. 11 Jun 1921, Morgan Co.,Al.; d. 13 jun 1968, Walker Co.,Al. Both are bur. Oakhill Cem, Jasper, Al. wher our Cranfords are bur.

Child of Carrie Gibson and Howard Atkins is;
1. Marion Ruth Atkins. ; b.9 Feb 1931, Morgan Co.,Al.;d.26 feb 1994, houston,Tx.
mar. Douglas Kimbrell.

Children of Marion Ruth Atkins and Doug Kimbrell are;
1. Douglas Howard kimbrell
2. Joe Lee Kimbrell
3. Andy Kimbrell

12. Lonnie Ruel Gibson b. 6 Sep 1906, Lawrence Co.,Al.; d. 23 jun 1978, jefferson Co.,Al. mar. [1] Mary Lois Stover 8 Oct 1933, Morgan Co.,Al., daughteer of James Walter Stover and Etta Littrell. She was b. in Lauderdale co.,al. 29 Jun 1914; d. 6 Sep 1971, jefferson. [2] Velmer Varner. Lois mar.[2] James Hosmer.
Lonnie is burried at Shiloh Cem off hwy. 36, Morgan Co.,Al. Lois and James are bur. Powells Chap. Cem. Morgan Co.,Al.

Children of Lonnie Gibson and Lois Stover are;
1. Mary Louise Gibson; b.9 Aug 1934; d. 25 Apr 1960, Chicago,Il. Louise mar. [1] Marvin Oneal Lynne, 30 Oct 1948, Morgan Co.,Al. [2] James Lawson [3] Edward Eugene Jr. Chappell , 20 Jul 1953, Jefferson Co.,Al. [4 Carl Hensley.

Louise Gibson and Marvin Lynn had no children.

Child of Louise Gibson and James Lawson is;
1. Lonnie Howard Lawson [ Gibson]; b.13 Feb 1953. howard mar. Alice Kay Waldrop.

Children of Howard Lawson Gibson and Alice Kay Waldrop are;
1.Eric Kenneth; b. 22 Feb 1974; d. 24 Feb 1974
2. Layla Gibson Lawson; b. 9 Apr 1977; mar. Darrell Johnson.
3. Derrick Howard Lawson Gibson; b.15 Jan 1979; d. 19 Jan1979

Children of Louise Gibson and Edward Eugene Chappel Jr. are;
1. Edward Eugene III Chappell Gibson; b. 9 Dec 1954, Jefferson Co.,Al. ; mar; [1] Janice Bennett [2] Agnes louise Brasher.
Howard and Edward were raised by Louises father Lonnie R. Gibson. I don't know if he adopted them or just used his last name to make school etc. easier.

Children of Edward Eugene III Chappell Gibson and Janice Bennett;
1.Jeanie Marie; b. 3 Dec 1971; mar. David Ginn;

Children of Jeanie Marie Chappell Gibson and David Ginn;
1. Jessica Ginn
2. Dakoda Ginn

2. Edward Eugene IV Chappell Gibson; b. 7 Apr 1975; mar. kellie Bickerstaff
no children

3. Stephanie Louise Chappell Gibson ; b.12 Jul 1978; mar. [1] John Dale Anderson[2] Steven Glauz.

Child of Stephanie Gibson and John Dale Anderson is;
1. John Dale jr. Anderson

Child of Edward Eugene III Chappell Gibson and unknown Hafley is;
1. Kandance Hafley Chappell Gibson; b. 12 Jan 1978;d. 13 Feb 1997, Jefferson Co.,Al.

Child of Edward Eugene III Chappell Gibson and Agnes Angela Brasher is;
1. Stephen Eugene Brasher Chappell Gibson; b. 16 Nov 1986

2. Jerry Walter Chappell; b. 5 May 1956; d. 1 May 1982, Jefferson Co,Al. mar. Sandra Kay Hogeland 8 Sep 1978, Jefferson Co.,Al.[ Jerry was raised by the Chappell grandparents].

Children of Jerry Walter Chappell and Sandra Kay Hogeland are;
1.Christy Chappell; b. 2 Nov 1980
2. Kenneth Wayne Chappell; b. 30 Dec 1981

Then there is Maurine who was adopted by the Payne family; b. 30 Apr 1959, Chicago,Il mar. Mario Webber.

Children of Maurene Chappell [?] and Mario Webber are;
1. Joshua Webber
2. Heather Webber; b. 2 Oct 1991

2.Betty Carlyine Gibson; b. 3 jul 1941;mar. Samuel E. Pierce 20 Oct. 1962, Morgan Co.,Al.
Children of Carlyine Gibson and Samuel Pierce are;

1. Samara Elizabeth Kay Pierce; b. 2 Oct 1965, mar. Larry Parker Haynes;

Children of Samara Pierce and Larry Haynes are;
1.Kyle P. Haynes; b. 20 Jan 1992
2. Katie Elizabeth Haynes; b. 18 Apr 1999

2. Christian Thomas Moore Pierce; b. 3 Nov 1971; mar. Jennifer Carroll, 3 Aug 1996;
no children

13. George Washington Gibson [ Rev.];24 Mar 1861, Walker Co.,Al.; 5 Dec 1941 Winston Co.,Al. mar. Josephine Amelia Whisenhunt 1 Jan 1880. She was b. 28 Sep 1861, Ga.d. 26 Sep 1937, Winston Co,Al.George and Josephine are both bur. Mt. Hope Cem. Arley,Al.

Children of George Gibson and Josephine Whisenhunt are;
1. Sarah Charlotte Gibson; b. 18 Oct 1880; d. 2 Dec 1880, Winston Co.,Al. bur. Old Bethel Bap, Arley,Al.
2.Walter monroe Gibson; b. 1 Jan 1882, Winston Co.,Al.; d. 20 Nov1959, Walker Co.,Al.; m. Nelia Young; b. 20 Jul 1892; d. 12 jun 19168, Walker Co.,Al.
3.Jodeph Henry Gibson; b.11 Mar 1884, Arley, Winston Co.,Al.;d. 25 Nov 1952, Winston co.,al.
4. William Thomas Gibson; b. 11 Jan 1986, Winston Co.,Al.; d. 8 Mar 1887, Winston Co.,Al. Bur. Old Behel Cem.
5. Jonathan Irvin Gibson; b. 19 Jun 1888, Winston Co.,Al.; d. 20 Sep 1963
6. Benjamin Marion Gibson; b. 17 Feb 1880, Winston Co.,Al.; d. 8 May 1968, Little Rock, Ark.
7. James LaFayette Gibson; b. 21 Mar 1893, Winston Co.,Al.; d. 20 Oct 1969, Walker Co.,Al.
8. Rosetta Gibson; b. 21 Jul 1895, Winston Co.<al.; d. 14 Apr 1983
9. Robert Arley Gibson; b. 21 Mar 1898, Winston Co.,Al.; d. 29 Oct 1899, Winston Co.,Al. bur. Old Bethel.
10. Lonnie Lee Gibson; b.4 mar 1901, Winston Co.,Al.; d. 25 Dec 1971, Little Rock, Ark.
11. Charles Long Gibson; b. 23 May 1906, Winston Co.,al.; d. 2 Nov 1959, Winston Co.,Al.

14. Jack Gibson; b. 1863 no proven info.

15. Thomas C. Gibson; b. 6 Aug 1865,d. 30 jan 1932, Walker Co.,Al. mar. Rossa Addy. She was b. 12 Oct 1969 in Ga, d; 2 Aug 1936, Walker Co.,Al. Both Thomas C. Gibson and Rosa Addy are bur. Mt. Carmel Bap. Cem.,Walker Co.,Al.

Children of Thomas Gibson and Rosa Assy are;
1.Wise Gibson; b. Oct 1844
2. Carry Gibson; b.Jan 1886
3. John Gibson; b.Aug 1888
4. Floid Gibson; b. Jan 1891
5. Therma Gibson; b. Apr 1897
6. Ethel Gibson; b. Dec. 1899

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