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Bible record of Pierce L. Redwine published 1844. Submitted to the
Society by Mrs. Kathryne Watkins, Hammond, La., State Librarian of Louisiana Daughters of the American Revolution. Handwritten in Bible is the statement: "Hon P. L. Redwine as a mark of respect from his friend, S.D. Waterman, New Orleans, 1st of May 1847." Mr. Redwine lived in Lincoln Parish, La. but was born in Georgia. See also page 192.


Pierce L. Redwine and Diana C. Garner was married August the 21st 1832
John Lamkin and Aura Ann Mary Redwine were married Oct. 5, A.D. 1853.
Alsey Franklin Pollard and Frances Elizabeth Redwine were married Feb.16, 1864.
William Eli Redwine and Ann Jenkins Mallory were married Sept. 26, 1865
Note: Hinds County Marriages -- by Forrest - Book I-1825-1836 - Pierce
Redwine and Derina Caple Gardner. William H. Lane. bnds. Aug. 31,1832.


Pierce L. Redwine was born Sept. 15, 1811
Diana C. Redwine 10-22-09
Martin Conger Redwine 2-4-34
Aura Ann Mary Redwine 8-8- 35
Susan Missouri Redwine 7-17-37
Columbus Marion Redwine 10-29-38
Frances Elizabeth Redwine 8-2-41
William Eli Redwine 3-3-43
Silas Whitfield Redwine 12- 30-45


Pierce L. Redwine 7-6-47
Silas Whitfield Redwine 7-7-47
Diana C. Redwine 7-26-90
Minnie May Kinman 7-11-01
Eli Redwine -9-3-21
Ann Redwine 8-22-23
Fannie E. Redwine 3 --- 26
Annie Laurie Brown 7-5-07
Euna (?) Tomlinson June 11, 1925
Pierce M. Redwine 12-1-38
Susan Brown Hinton 6-24-39
Alberta Redwine Gandy 8-11-23

 Page 142

Ann Jenkins Mallory 1-18-47
Ann Frank Redwine 11-3-66
Annie Laurie Redwine 2-2-68
Martin Conger Redwine 3-11-69
Pierce Mallory Redwine 4-2-73
Josie Capel Redwine 5-18-75
Minnie May (?) Redwine 11-28-76
William Eli Redwine, Jr. 12-25-78
Susan Brown Redwine 2-27-81
Sallie Standifer Redwine 10-16-83
Aura Alberta Redwine 12-8-85
Irma Lee Redwine 9-7-88

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