The following is a deed of sale for property in Holmes Co. Ohio.
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1-518 -- 1829, March 7, Peter Hinkle et al to Charles Hooverock - - - -
Between William Painter and Elizabeth his wife formerly Elizabeth Hinkle, John Hinkle and Susannah his wife, Peter Hinkle Junior, George Bird, husband of Mary Hinkle dec'd, Jacob Hinkle and Elizabeth his wife, James McConnell and Catherine his wife formerly Catherine Hinkle and Samuel Wormcastle and Sarah his wife, formerly Sarah Hinkle, Peter Hinkle Senior and Molly his wife, kin at law of William Hinkle deceased all of Holmes County and state of Ohio of the first part * * * * * *
and Charles Hooverock of County and State aforesaid of the second part Witnesseth that the party of the first part for and in consideration of the sum of forty dollars to them in hand paid by the party * * * * *
for a certain lot of ground in the town of Berlin in the county of Holmes etc. * * * * which lot is distinguished of the map of said town as recorded in the register office for the county of Coshocton, by the number of 75.
Signed: William Painter
Elizabeth (X) Painter
John Hinkle
Peter (X) Hinkle
Jacob (X) Hinkle
James McConnell
Samuel Wormcastle (X)
Susan (X) Hinkle
George Bird
Elizabeth (X) Hinkle
Catherine (X) McConnell
Peter Hinkle
Molly Hinkle

Peter Hinkle Land