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Lydia Ann Dorcas Cranford, b 1831, d 1914. - daughter of John M Cranford &
Elizabeth Wilkes.
She is buried in Summersville, Mo.

She married Montgomery Campbell Randolph (b 1831 in Fayette Co, Ala) in 1851
and had three children:
1) Walter Jerome b 1851, d 1948
2) James Evans b 1855, d 1926

Montgomery died in 1862 in the Civil War
3) Ulysses b March 1863 d 1949

In Nov 1863 Lydia married Montgomery's brother,

Madison Asbury Randolph(b. 1837 in Fayette Co, Ala d 1923 Summersville, Mo), known as Matt. and had ten children:
4) Eugene b 1865
5) Ureathus b 1867 d 1881
6) William Cicero b 1870, d 1958 my grandfather
7) Robert L b 1872, d 1891
8) Mary Dorcas b 1876, d 1960 m 1896 Eugene Albert Jarrard
9) Oscar
b 1878
10) John b 1880
11) Wayne b 1882
12) Walter b 1884
13) Virgil b 1886

They settled in South Central Missouri after the war and raised their family
around Summersville and Eminence.

I remember seeing Jerome and Ulysses as a small child.
Aunt Mary lived in the same small town where I grew up so I knew her better
than even my grandpa who lived about 40 miles away.

Below is an exerpt of a document dealing with my great grandfather and his

Madison Asbury Randolph, my great grandpa, had an older brother, Montgomery
Campbell, b 1831, d 1862 in the Civil War. Montgomery and Madison were born
and raised in Alabama. Montgomery married Lydia Cranford about 1851 and had
two children, Walter Jerome and James Evans.

At the start of the civil war, Montgomery and Madison traveled to Missouri,
with Montgomery's wife and children, and enlisted in the Union Army.
Montgomery was killed in the war about 1862. See Civil War information in

Madison married Montgomery's widow and they had ten sons and one daughter. I
remember Uncle Jerome and Uncle Ulysses visiting my grandpa. They died in
1948 and 1949. Uncle Jerome was the oldest of Montgomery Campbell's sons,
born in 1851. I think Ulysses was the youngest son of Montgomery, born early
1863 after Montgomery died. Jerome died from injuries sustained from a fall
from a horse about age 96. A number of descendants of Montgomery and Madison
live around Eminence, Mo.

My dad told me that when Madison was old he would walk through the woods
outside Summersville calling for his brother, Montgomery. That would have
been 55 or 60 years after Montgomery was killed. Madison Asbury is buried in
the cemetery at Summersville, Mo. Jerome and Ulysses are buried in Eminence,
Mo. I have not been able to find where Montgomery is buried. My guess is
someplace in Arkansas but he is not listed in any of the national cemeteries
in Arkansas, Tennessee or Missouri.

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