1920 - 1922

Mrs. D. J. MacMaster, Honorary president
Mrs. Wm. B. Hamilton, President
Mrs. Max C. Sloss, First Vice-President
Mrs. E. E. Brownell, Second Vice-President
Mrs. D. C. Heger, Third Vice-President
Miss Genevieve Carroll, Fourth Vice-President
Mrs. John F. Merrill, Fifth Vice-President
Dr. Adelaide Brown, Sixth Vice-President
Mrs. Annie Little Barry, Parliamentarian
Mrs. A. P. Black, Recording Secretary
Josephine Wilson (Mrs. William Harold Wilson), Corresponding Secretary
Mrs. F. M. Sponogle, Financial Secretary
Miss May Frances O'Keefe, Assistant Secretary
Mrs. Frederick W. Henshaw, Historian
Mrs. W. D'Egilbert, Subscribing Members
Miss Eleanor Grace Unger, Treasurer
Mrs. Bert Schlesinger, Legislative Chairman
Presidents of all Affiliated Clubs, Directors
Mrs. Thomas J. Vivian, Honorary Member

Chairmen of Departments

Art -
Child Welfare - Dr. Jessica Peixotto
Civics - Miss Russella Ward
Education -
Foreign Clubs - Dr. Anna Nicholson
Literature - Mrs. Lucy Lockwood Hazard
Music - Mrs. M. E. Blanchard
Public Health - Mrs. A. E. Graupner
Social Welfare - Mrs. Henry Sahlein
Woman's Court - Mrs. L. M. Culver

Chairmen of Standing Committees

Membership - Miss Jennie Partridge
Audit - Miss Josephine Feusier
Reception - Mrs. Lillis George Brann
Ways and Means - Mrs. Edward D. Knight
Revision - Mrs. W. J. Shotwell
Year Book - Dr. Cora Sutton Castle
Printing - Miss Margaret Mary Morgan
Resolutions - Miss Esther Phillips
Press - Mrs. P. C. Hale
Club Extension -
Credentials - Mrs. A. J. Aicher
Programme -
Arrangements and Platform Courtesies - Mrs. Arthur Flood

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