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 I have a copy of the City and County Federation of Women's Clubs Yearbook, San Francisco, CA 1918-1920. I have previously submitted all the officer's reports and the club descriptions. I am now starting on the membership listing. This is a very long list, about 60 pages with about 160 names on each one.
Some of the names have the members home address beside them, the numbers that follow each name are the numbers of the clubs they belonged to. I am typing them exactly as they are in the book, so some may be out of alphabetical order. Unfortunately, it will not be practical for me to type the names of the clubs they belong to by each name, but following each name are numbers, they correlate to the club listings, if you return to the HOME page, it has all the club names numbers, and descriptions.

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Aaron, Mrs. Gustave, 562 19th Ave.-15
Aaron, Mrs. Leopold, Monroe Hotel-15
Aaron, Mrs. O., 1425 Cole St.-15
Aaron, Mrs. Simon, 324 Maple St.-15
Abbay, Mrs. Mary H.; 741 Filbert St., Oakland-4
Abels, Mrs. H., 837 Treat Ave.-41
Abel, Mrs. Geo. E., 495 Santa Clara Ave., San Jose-42
Abel, Miss Rachel, 1916 California St.-15-51-34-73
Abbey, Mrs. Edward, Burlincame, Calif.-15
Abbott, Mrs. F. H., 69 Vicksburg St.-6-11-25-59-73
Abbott, Mrs. Allen H., 2092 Broderick St.-42
Abbott, Mrs. A., 643 Oak St.-19
Abbott, Miss Caroline, 4054 18th St.-63
Abbott, Mrs. C. H., 2323 Franklin St.-42
Abbot, Mrs. S. L., 2118 Vallejo St.-29
Abraham, Mrs. F., 218 6th Ave.-15
Abraham, Josephine, 68 Jordan Ave.-3-64
Abrahams, Mrs. Harry, 1161 Hayes St.-19
Abraham, Mrs. M., 1029 Fell St.-15-19
Abrahams, Mrs. Max, Hotel Granada-15-34
Abrahams, Mrs. M., 1826 Buchanan St.-15
Abrahams, Mrs. N., 805 Lake St.-15
Abrahamson, Mrs. C. J., 1059 Fell St.-69
Abrahamson, Mrs. A., 2917 Jackson St.-15
Abrahamson, Mrs. Gus, Keystone Apts.-15
Abrahamson, Mrs. H., Richelieu Hotel-58
Abrahamson, Mrs. Henry, 3798 Clay St.-15-34-51
Abrahamson, Mrs. Hugo, 32 Presidio Terrace-15-34
Abrahamson, Mrs. Jules, 1824 Jackson St.-15
Abrams, Miss S. A., John Swett School-57
Abrams, Miss Clara, 209 Post St.-15
Abrams, Mrs. Max, 1446 Jackson St.-66
Abrams, Mrs. F., 845 Buchanan St.-15
Abramson, Mrs. Edward, 611 Baker St.-59
Ackerman, Mrs. Irving, 2201 Van Ness Ave.-15-51-34
Ackerman, Mrs. I.S., 2454 Broadway-15-51
Ackerman, Mrs. Lloyd S., 3300 Washington St.-34
Ackley, Mrs. Edward, 1651 Willard St.-74
Ackley, Mrs. Wenonah, 1651 Willard St.-74
Ackenheil, Mrs. B., 876 Waller St.-8
Ackerman, Miss E. P., 1350 Lake St.-60
Ackerman, Mrs. Chas. L., 2201 Van Ness-51
Ackerman, Mrs. Emma, Clift Hotel-15
Ackerman, Mrs. Carrie, 2201 Van Ness Ave.-15
Ackerman, Mrs. E.P., Keystone Apts.-15
Adair, Miss Anna, Winfield Scott School-57
Adair, Mrs. W. H., 763-A Clayton St.-56-67
Adams, Mrs. Annette Abbott, Asst. Atty. Gen., Washington, D.C.-3-24
Adams, Mrs. B., 620 4th Ave.-66
Adams, Miss C. A., 1406 Union St.-17-52-57
Adams, Miss Clara A., 1436 Union St.-35
Adams, Mrs. C. Frank, 300 Pennsylvania St.-6-6
Adams, Mrs. Daisie Kimball, 775 Kingston Ave., Oakland, Calif.-47
Adams, Elizabeth Starbuck, 1770 Pacific Ave.-3-34
Adams, Mrs. J., 1508 Jackson St.-15
Adams, Mrs. J. C., Oakland Ave. and Bay Point, Oakland-25
Adams, Mrs. Jewett W., Stanford Court Apts.-6-65-73
Adams, Miss Lucy F., 1436 Union St.-2-14-17-35-52
Adams, Mrs. Lydia, 297 Chattanooga St.-27-74
Adams, Miss Marion, 954 Ashbury St.-34-64
Adams, Mrs. Mary, 1366 12th Ave.-74
Adams, Mrs. M. R., 225 Hillcrest Road, Berkeley, Calif.-59
Adams, Mrs. Rose B., 615 Lake View Ave.-74
Adams, Miss Susan, 1436 Union St.-2-17
Adams, Mrs. W. W., 93 6th Ave.-25
Adelstein, Miss D., 1834 Baker St.-15
Adelstein, Mrs. H., 1268 Fulton St.-19
Adler, Mrs. J. L., Palace Hotel-15-34-51
Adler, Mrs. A. A., Broadway and Van Ness-51
Adler, Mrs. Adeline, Reich Hotel-15
Adler, Mrs. J., Clift Hotel-15
Adler, Mrs. Jos. S., 1899 California St.-15
Aftergut, Mrs. B., 1260 California St.-15
Aggeler, Miss Constance, Pittsburg, Calif.-63
Aguirre, Miss Camille, 425 Hugo St.-61
Ahl, Mrs. G. E., 1237 Second Ave.-46
Ahlers, Miss Lillian, 2300 Divisadero St.-45
Ahman, Mrs. Stephen, 1027 Church St.-30
Ahpel, Mrs. Cora, Richelieu Hotel-15
Ahurden, Mrs. J. H., 358 Third Ave.-17
Aicher, Mrs. A. J. 2251 Telegraph Ave., Berkeley, Calif.-59-67
Aicher, Mrs. A. J., 2234 Piedmont Ave., Berkeley, Calif.-6-25
Aicher, Mrs. John, 2612 Haste St., Berkeley, Calif.-S.
Aiken, Mrs. C. S., 1468 Greenwich-12-71
Ainsworth, Mrs. Adeline D., Seligman, Ariz.-17
Ainsworth, Mrs. R., 853 Fell St.-63
Akesson, Mrs. A., 2056 Santa Clara Ave., Alameda-69
Akounine, Sophia, 1670 O'Farrell St.-75
Albury, Mrs. R., 3467 14 St.-41
Aldrich, Mrs. Agnes Meek, Frank McCoppin School-35
Aldrich, Mrs. L., 1416 Broadway St.-66
Aldrich, Mrs. Jane, Spring Valley School-57
Aldrich, Mrs. F., 1133 Taylor St.-48
Aldrich, Mrs. A. M., 15 W. Cantonment, Presidio-11
Alexander, Mrs. Paul C., Belmont, Cal.-30
Alexander, Mrs. Charles B., New York City-68
Alexander, Miss Margaret, 966 Haight St.-10
Alexander, Mrs. P. C., Calif. Sanitarium, Belmont-67
Alexander, Mrs. P. C., 2022 Green St.-34
Alexander, Miss Rae, 3476 Clay St.-14
Alexander, Mrs. Wallace, Brown Gables, Piedmont-58
Alison, Mrs. Mary, 996 Union St.-70
Alison, Mrs. Wm. M., 2010 Pierce St.-59
Allasia, Miss G. D., 1812 Washington St.-64
Allen, Mrs. D. H., 2201 California St.-11
Allen, Miss Edith, Golden Gate School-57
Allen, Mrs. E., Washington Grammar School-57
Allen, Mrs. Edward Oliver, Box 126, San Rafael, Cal.-59
Allen, Mrs. J. E., 707 D St., Petaluma-42
Allen, Mrs. Horace H., 2230 9th Ave.-59
Allen, Mrs. Henry W., 2308 Fulton St., Berkeley-38
Allen, Mrs. K. W., 1283 Greenwich St.-52
Allen, Mrs. M. E., 277 2nd Ave.-10
Allen, Mrs. R., 2522 27th Ave.-44
Allen, Mrs. R. E., 1239 Fourth Ave.-37
Allen, Mrs. R. M., 846 Bush St.-59
Allenberg, Mrs. E. S., 521 Lake St.-15
Allenberg, Mrs. L., 30 Palm Ave.-15
Alsing, Mrs. C., 2500 31st Ave.-44
Alter, Mrs. Marcus, 60 Moss St.-15
Altmeyer, Mrs. B., 2133 Webster St., Oakland-15
Altschuler, Mrs. S., 3379 Clay St.-15-34
Alves, Miss Agnes, 858 Clayton St.-63-57
Alvin, H., 311 Clement St.-15
Ambrose, Miss Josephine, 1033 Page St.-10
Ames, Miss Isabelle, Hawthorne School-57
Ammerman, Mrs., 991 Valencia-74
Ammermann, Miss P., Excelsior School-57
Amrath, Miss Mary, 863 Bush St.-14
Amstruyr, Mrs. V., 513 Dolores St.-18

Andersen, Mrs. C., 418 Klipper St.-46
Andersen, Mrs. James, 3257 21st St.-18
Anderson, Mrs. Alfred E., Bella Vista Apts., 1001 Pine St.-65
Anderson, Miss Anna, Rochambeau School-57
Anderson, Miss Brita, 423 16th Ave.-69
Anderson, Miss Ethel, Portola School-57
Anderson, Miss Flora S., Horace Mann School-57
Anderson, Mrs. G. H., 2717 San Jose Ave., Alameda-32
Anderson, Mrs. Harvey G., Coalinga-52
Anderson, Mrs. J. H., 119 Twenty-third Ave.-37
Anderson, Miss Lena, Junipero Serra School-57
Anderson, Mrs. Lois S., 108 Hillside Ave., Piedmont-6
Anderson, Lulu M., Roseville-8
Anderson, Mrs. Minnie, John Swett School-57
Anderson, Mrs. M. O., 1334 Waller St.-59-74
Anderson, Miss Rachel, 750 Parnassus Ave.-6
Anderson, Miss Ruby, Irving M. Scott School-57
Anderson, Mrs. W. G., Fairmont Hotel-38-59
Andreasen, Mrs. M., 683 5th Ave.-18
Andrews, Miss Lorraine, 105 Montgomery St.-76
Andrews, Miss Muriel, 1265 Guerrero St.-2
Andrews, Mrs. T. P., 1265 Guerrero St.-2
Andrews, Mrs. Jessie S., 2270 Broadway St.-59-65
Andrews,Mrs. Minnie, 700 Octavia-8
Ankele, Mrs. John Henry, 1670 Clay St.-59
Anner, Mrs. H. N., 110 Gough St.-17
Anspacher, Mrs. Simon, 2604 Pacific Ave.-15-34-51
Anthony, Mrs. Arthur, 2634 Octavia St.-S.
Apple, Mrs. Ben J., 648 Waller St.-59
Appleton, Vivia Belle (Dr.), 191 Frederick St., S.F.-3
Archer, Miss Marion, 30 1/2 Merritt St., Oakland-63
Arding, Mrs. W. E., 1773 9th Ave.-78
Argus, Mrs. John Eugene, 535 East Hill Ave., Eagle Rock, Los Angeles
Arkison, Mrs. J. D., 1330 Hayes St.-6
Arley, Mrs. A. B., Tracy-37
Armacost, Mrs. E. Watson, 27 Hillway Ave.-42
Armer, Evelyn Dorothea, 3222 Washington St.-3
Armes, Mrs. J. H., 70 Portola St.-6
Armstrong, Mrs. A. S., 1366 13th Ave.-67
Armstrong, Mrs. C. W., Calistoga-55
Armstrong, Mrs. Edwin W., 1134 Hyde St.-38-73
Armstrong, Mrs. Stanley, 1132 Buchanan St.-56
Arndt, Miss Jane, George Peabody School-57
Arndt, Mrs. M., 712 15th St.-15
Arnhold, Mrs. Benj., Granada Hotel-5-1
Arnmarn, Mrs. E. J., Fairmont Hotel-58
Arnold, Mrs. J. Dennis, Hotel Whitecotton, Berkeley-54
Aronstein, Mrs. R., 860 Sutter St.-34
Aronstein, Miss A., 860 Sutter St.-15-34
Aronson, Mrs. A., 2120 Pacific Ave-15-34
Aronson, Mrs. C. S., 3051 Clay St.-15
Aronson, Mrs. Daniel, 3587 Clay St.-15
Aronson, Miss Katherine, 1420 Jackson St.-64
Asch, Mrs. I., 1041 Delores St.-15
Ash, Madge, 524 Henry St., Oakland-50
Ash, Dr. Rachel L., U. C. Hospital, San Francisco-3-24-34
Ashbrough, Mrs. H. T., 1134 Jackson St.-66
Ashburner, Mrs. Wm., 3214 Jackson St.-59
Ashe, Miss Elizabeth, 1736 Stockton St.-61
Asher, Mrs. Albert, 309 Arguello Blvd.-15
Asher, Mrs. M. L., Fairmont Hotel-15-58
Asher, Mrs. Wm. 1324 Scott St.-15
Ashfield, Miss, 1922 Sacramento St.-53
Ashland, Mrs. Allie, 4377 17th St.-74
Ashley, Miss Bertha, Emerson School-57
Ashley, Miss Ella, 736 Oxford St., Berkeley-8
Ashley, Mrs. Geo., Crawford Hotel-59
Ashworth, Mrs. F. P., 610 Cole St.-67
Asmussen, Mrs. A., 723 Haight St.-18
Atherton, Gertrude, Care Macmillan Co., New York City-34
Atkins, Mrs. C., 46 Farren Ave.-19
Atkins, Mrs. Robert S., 1869 California St.-6-65
Atkinson, Mrs. H. N.; 202 Linda St., Piedmont, Calif.-45-59
Atterburry, Miss Ledia, 2620 LeConte Ave., Berkeley, Calif.-12
Aubrey, Mrs. Lewus, Easton, Calif.-47
Aubury, Mrs. L. E., 1145 Laguna Ave., Burlingame-6
Auerbach, Mrs. L., 3536 Clay St.-15
Auger, Mrs. C. J., 3819 Jackson St.-6
Aune, Mrs. Mimi, 1530 Jones St.-46
Austin, Mrs. Almira L., 123 Edgewood Ave.-59
Austin, Miss Elizabeth M., 1069 Chestnut St.-73
Austen, Ethel V., 3432 Clay St.-3
Austin, Mrs. Harriet, 3037 Washington St.-47
Austin, Mrs. M. O., 34 25th Ave.-52-6-9-42-73
Austin, Mrs. O. D., 2672 Filbert St.-73
Austin, Mrs. Paul, 1069 Chestnut St.-73
Austin, Miss Stella, 1809 Euclid, Berkeley-11
Avery, Mrs. C. R., 708 Broderick-67-78-54
Avery, Miss Eunice, 4318 18th St.-63
Axell, Mrs. J. A., 831 Hayes St.-42
Asford, Mrs. W. F., 2442 Folsom St.-41
Ayers, Mrs., 61 Merritt St.-74
Ayer, Miss Mable A., "The Mansions," Berkeley-25
Aylwin, Mrs. R. N., 175 Kempton Ave., Oakland-59
Ayres, Mrs. Chas. Steuart, 1118 Union St.-

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