Mrs. Charles M. Weile, President
Organized 1917
Federated 1918
Meets first Fridays

Lincoln Park Woman's Club was organized as a neighborhood club in 1917. Its purpose was to further the intellectual, civic and social welfare of its members. Today the club knows itself to be an influence for good in its vicinity.

Many of the busy mothers and home-makers in our neighborhood, who find it impossible to attend more distant clubs, look forward to each meeting and receive help and inspiration from the genial fellowship that the club offers. We have been favored by many brilliant speakers, who have awakened in our hearts and minds the wonderful works that club women are doing and we, in our turn, are always ready to do "our bit."

During the war emergency we formed our Red Cross Auxiliary and worked diligently, sewing and knitting. After that need was over we continued our meetings, sewing for some of the poor of the neighborhood. Over one-half of our members worked on Liberty Loan drives; also in Thrift Stamp work.

Our committee on Food Sonservation did very good work.

Many visits and much help was given to the sick of the neighborhood by our members during the influenza epidemic.

We have given a cafeteria dinner and an evening entertainment from the proceeds of which we gave $100 to a very worthy neighborhood cause. We have gladly contributed what we could toward a home teacher for Americanization work.

The club has collected and passed on to needy ones over one hundred
pairs of old shoes. At present our sewing section is working with the
idea of holding a bazaar frow which we expect to realize funds toward
furnishing a room in the City Federation Home for working girls.

We have been and are interested and active in endeavoring to have out
streets and vacant lots kept in good condition. While our efforts have
been principally in behalf of ourselves and our neighborhood, we stand
willing and ready to perform any service we can for others.


Mrs. W. H. Upham, President
Mrs. J. J. Pratt, First Vice-President
Mrs. C. B. Sens, Second Vice-President
Mrs. J. S. Webster, Chaplain
Mrs. Ethel A. Parker, Secretary
Mrs. M. Randall, Treasurer

OFFICERS 1919-1920

Mrs. Chas M. Weile, President
Mrs. N. S. Shafer, First Vice-President
Mrs. Thos. Hamill, Second Vice-President
Miss Georgia Tanner, Secretary
Mrs. J. J. Pratt, Treasurer

OFFICERS 1920-1921

Mrs. Chas M. Weile, President
Mrs. J. N. Scott, First Vice-President
Mrs. W. H. Upham, Second Vice-president
Mrs. Ralph White, Secretary
Mrs. J. J. Pratt, Treasurer



Mrs. A. B. Nelson, President
Organized 1898
Federated 1919

The Mary Very Club, formerly the South Park Mothers' Club, was organized in 1898 as one of the San Francisco Settlement Clubs. The object of the club was to enlarge the social spirit and do such work as the club wished. The club does some sewing and has speakers on topics of general interest twice a month. In 1919 we joined the City Federation of Women's Clubs.

The club contributed one hundred and fifty garments in addition to seventy dollars to the Near East Relief. A whist party is now being planned, the proceeds of which will be given to further the good work of the House of Friendship.

At the death of our beloved honorary member, Miss Mary Very, in 1916, the club decided to change its name, and since has been known as the Mary Very Club. Meetings are held every Tuesday at 3:00 p.m., at Mission Center, Y. W. C. A., 2520 Folsom Street.


OFFICERS 1919-1920

Mrs. A. B. Nelson, President
Mrs. Joseph Robinson, Vice-President
Miss Edith Mills, Secretary
Mrs. F. McCarthy, Treasurer

OFFICERS 1920-1921

Mrs. F. McCarthy, President
Mrs. W. T. Axford, First Vice-President
Mrs. Alberta L. Baumberger, Secretary
Mrs. Thomas Lyons, Treasurer


Mrs. Charles Schiller
Mrs. J. Hayes


Mrs. Bryant Necker, President
Organized 1889
Joined City Federation 1916
Meets third Thursdays

The Mills Club of San Francisco was organized by Mrs. William Redding as
a social and literary club. Since the time of its organization the club
has served the purpose of continuing friendships made while students of
Mills College and has endeavored at all times to represent Mills' spirit
and ideals.

The Mills Club has never had and never will have the large membership of
other clubs, due to the fact that only those who have been students at
Mills College are eligible.

In keeping with its object, to support Mills in its high aims for the
education of young women, the club has been most active in assisting to
obtain "A Million for Mills," many members working with Local Fund
Headquarters and others with the terms of solicitors to obtain funds
from local Alumnae and former students for the Endowment Fund.

When the City Federation Fete was held in November, the Mills Club
presented a charmingly artistic booth as the setting for the Maybeck
plans for the future Mills which were shown to the public for the first
time - a gift to the college by Mrs. Phoebe Hearst.

In 1915 the Club federated with the California State Federation of
Women's Clubs and the San Francisco District, and was one of the
organizers of the City Federation formed in 1916.

OFFICERS 1918-1919

Mrs. Walter H. Byington, President
Mrs. J. M. Litchfield, First Vice-President
Miss Merienne Borger, Second Vice-President
Mrs. Sol B. Goldberg, Third Vice-President
Miss Helen T. Bacon, Treasurer
Mrs. Bryant Necker, Recording Secretary
Mrs. George E. Carter, Corresponding Secretary

OFFICERS 1919-1920

Mrs. Bryant Necker, President
Miss Merienne Borger, First Vice-President
Mrs. Lois S. Campbell, Second Vice-President
Mrs. Sol B. Goldberg, Third Vice-President
Miss Helen T. Bacon, Treasurer
Mrs. R. T. Phillips, Recording Secretary
Mrs. George E. Carter, Corresponding Secretary

OFFICERS 1920-1921

Mrs. Bryant Necker, President
Mrs. Lois S. Campbell, First Vice-President
Mrs. Malcolm Austin, Second Vice-President
Mrs. A. H. Abbott, Third Vice-President
Miss Helen T. Bacon, Treasurer
Mrs. R. T. Phillips, Recording Secretary
Mrs. George E. Carter, Corresponding Secretary

"The Lord watch between me and thee, when we are absent from one

Mrs. H. B. Edwards, President
Organized Feb., 1883
Federated 1918
Meets Monday afternoon

Object of the Club: To give relief to families in need, who are reported to the club, cooperating with the Associated Charities, the Doctors Daughters and the Fruit and Flower Mission.

The first meeting was held February 14, 1883, in the home of Mrs. Weihe, 2315 California Street. Four ladies were present and three were elected to membership. The constitution and by-laws were drawn up and Mizpah Charity Club has been a going concern ever since.

Outgrowing the private home, the club met for several years in St. Stephens Church. In 1914 it found it necessary to move again and establish itself in its present very pleasant quarters in the California Club Building, 1750 Clay Street.

Meetings are held on Monday afternoons for nine months of the year, to sew for the Children's Agency, the Infants' Shelter, the Children's Hospital and the San Francisco Nursery for Homeless Children.

One hundred and twenty-two garments were made the past year. A box of
shoes and clothing were sent to the Red Cross. Four families were served
with Thanksgiving dinner and Santa Claus' pack was made heavier for four
families and four institutions, and St. Dorothy's Rest and the Leper
Colony at the Isolation Hospital were not forgotten.

Money expended in relief, during the year, totals $415.50. A unit of the
Needle-work Guild of America has been formed and is under the direction
of Mrs. G. F. Terschuren. While "Service" and "Others" are the keynote
of our club life a little time for sociability is encouraged. To that
end monthly luncheons are indulged in. An annual outing is participated
in with great eclat. The brilliant occasion of the year, however, is
Founders' Day, when a Valentine card party is held in the home of a
member; active and associate members participating.

Mrs. MacMaster discovered Mizpah Charity Club working along in its own
quiet way, and invited it to join the Federation. Realizing that we must
advance together, hand in hand, in full harmony with after-war
requirements, we accepted the invitation. And here we are, to help the
promotion of clubdom's program that works for mutual acquaintance,
cooperation, good will and appreciation of the individual, regardless of
birth place and race.


Mrs. Weihe
Mrs. Ames
Mrs. Fonda
Mrs. Davis
Mrs. Walker


Mrs. E. W. Taggard

OFFICERS 1918-1920

Mrs. H. B. Edwards, President
Miss Louise Elliot, Vice-President
Mrs. Walter Mead, Recording Secretary
Mrs. William W. Rednall, Treasurer
Mrs. Vernon G. Whetston, Corresponding Secretary

OFFICERS 1920-1921

Mrs. William W. Rednall, President
Mrs. M. O'Brien, Vice-President
Mrs. Walter Mead, Recording Secretary
Mrs. Vernon G. Whetston, Treasurer
Mrs. William H. King, Corresponding Secretary


Mrs. Arthur Shophofen, President
Organized 1916
Federated 1920
Meets second Tuesday

The purpose of the Club is to promote the best methods of physical,
mental, and moral training for the children of the school, and to incite
self-culture and individual development. The Club is to cooperate with
city officials to better conditions of the district.

This Club was one of the first to organize a sewing and knitting
Auxiliary of San Francisco Chapter of the American Red Cross. Mrs. B. F.
Stoll was chairman. Sewing was under supervision of Mrs. B. H. Martin
and Mrs. H. Kampe - making 225 girls' dresses, 50 boys' suits, 500
hospital garments, 10 layettes, 416 knitted articles, and a donation of
$65 was made to Red Cross and allied funds. Members of the Club took
charge of booth at Stockton and Geary Streets for all the Liberty Loan
and Red Cross drives, and through their activities many thousands of
dollars were added to the war funds. Many glasses of jelly and jam were
gathered for the soldiers.

The Improvement and Recreation Committee was instrumental in securing
new benches and a drinking fountain for our park, and procured several
sets of garden tools for children to use in school grounds.

Our Philanthropy section gave much happiness to the needy at Christmas
time, providing warm clothing and filling stockings. They also furnished
candy for children's Christmas entertainment at school.

The Club has thirty-two members and is now putting forth every effort to
secure a permanent school building.


Mrs. Arthur Shophofen, President
Mrs. A. Saunders, First Vice-President
Mrs. P. Rich, Second Vice-President
Mrs. L. Ward, Treasurer
Mrs. B. H. Martin, Treasurer
Mrs. B. F. Stoll, Historian

Transcribed by Elaine Sturdevant


Mrs. John Leale, President
Organized 1894
Federated 1917
Meets once a year

The plans and policies of the Needlework Guild of America remain the
same from year to year, save in time of disaster or emergency. The past
two years having brought to the Pacific Coast neither great disaster nor
special emergency, the biennial report which the San Francisco branch
offers to the Federated clubs is one dealing solely with statistics.
Happily these statistics are gratifying to our entire organization and
an asset of encouragement to each member, and it is with no apology,
rather it is with a feeling of ample justification for existence and
continued effort - that we present tabulated facts to the community
whose institutions benefit through our agency.

In the report made two years ago, we ventured to express the hope that
we might reap compound interest in our work. We feel that that hope has
been realized along every line. In the two years we have more than
doubled the number of garments collected. In order to appreciate the
force of this statement we must remember:

1. That the foundation of membership in the annual contribution of two
new garments or the donation of their equivalent in money.

2. That the one-hundred per cent increase meant the additional
collection of two thousand garments the first year and more than three
thousand the second and,

3. That this increase in numbers was accomplished through a
proportionate increase in number of contributing members.

In 1917 we collected forty-six hundred and twenty garments; in 9181,
sixty-seven hundred and eighty-six garments, and in 1919, ninety-five
hundred and fifty-two garments, which were distributed amongst
fifty-five institutions. During the past two years, we have added twelve
new sections and forty-two new directorates, in addition to which we
already are assured of five new sections for the current year. This
gratifying result has been accomplished - not by spasmodic effort, but
by a steady, healthy growth, in umber of contributors, in enthusiasm and
in genuine interest in and for the work.

Our yearly report has just been published and may be had upon request.
It contains the name of each of our thirty-one sections - presidents and
each of our hundred and sixty-nine directors, any one of whom will be
only too glad to enroll members. The road to our future success and
continuous growth looks bright and inviting and there is room for many
in the broad highway. Once again we venture to plan for compound
interest in our work - a record easy of accomplishment should each
member of this Federation become a member of the San Francisco branch of
the Needlework Guild of America.


Mrs. E. G. Denniston, Honorary President
Mrs. John Leale, President
Mrs. Almeron Skinkle, First Vice-President
Mrs. E. R. Lilienthal, Second Vice-President
Mrs. George Reed, Third Vice-President
Mrs. A. O. Dorey, Fourth Vice-President
Mrs. Milton H. Esberg, Recording Secretary
Mrs. Edward G. Cahill, Treasurer
Miss Edith Elizabeth Leale, Corresponding Secretary


Mrs. S. Sussman, Mrs. E. G. Denniston, Mrs. E. R. Lilienthal, Mrs.
Marion O'Connell, Miss Blanche Murray, Mrs. Milton H. Esberg, Mrs. Eliza
C. Hortop, Mrs. Edward G. Cahill, Mrs. W. C. Morrow, Mrs. McKinley
Bissinger, Mrs. Robert Hugh Donaldson, Miss Jessie Wiggins, Mrs. John
Leale, Mrs. E. H. Howell, Mrs. E. E. Williams, Mrs. Henry Meyer, Mrs.
Edward G. Cahill, Mrs. Robert Wallace, Mrs. Leon Guggenhime, Mrs. G. F.
Terschuren, Miss Laura McKinstry, Mrs. J. D. Jessup, Mrs. Almeron
Skinkle, Mrs. A. O. Dorey, Miss Virginia Gibbs, Mrs. Mrs. George Reed,
Mrs. L. T. Samuels, Mrs. E. E. Burr, Mrs. George Mullin, Mrs. E. M.
Hogan, Mrs. S. L. Reiss


Mrs. A. Kohn, President
Organized 1902
Federated 1919
Meets fourth Thursday

The "Nora" Club was organized on October 15, 1902, with fifteen members. At the time of the earthquake in San Francisco, in 1906, the Club had a personnel of one hundred and five members.

During the weeks that followed, many of the members settled in the Bay cities and there founded a separate Club "Nora" on the same principles. Only women of Norwegian birth or parentage, or women married to Norwegians are eligible for membership.

The Club was organized for the purpose of aiding the needy women and children of the Norwegian Colony, and in the course of the year 1919 has helped many families, finding work for the father or mother, and furnishing food and milk for the children.

At the time of the entrance of the United States in the great World War a Norwegian Auxiliary of the Red Cross was established and all the members of "Nora" took an active interest in the work. Meetings were held twice a week and several of the members are the proud owners of medals bestowed upon them by the Red Cross for their faithful services.

OFFICERS 1919-1920

Mrs. A. Kohn, President
Mrs. K. Stadem, First Vice-President
Mrs. F. Quisling, Second Vice-President
Mrs. O. Bodien, Secretary
Mrs. H. E. Knudsen, Treasurer

OFFICERS 1920-1921

Mrs. A. Kohn, President
Mrs. G. E. Ahl, First Vice-President
Mrs. H. Nielsen, Second Vice-President
Mrs. O. Bodien, Secretary
Mrs. H. E. Knudsen, Treasurer


Mrs. Ina B. Weston, President
Organized 1890
Federated 1916
Meets second and fourth Mondays

The thirteenth year of the Pacific Coast Women's Press Association just closed has been a season of pleasure and profit to its membership.

Banded together, originally, for the superior power cooperation insures, the Association was composed strictly of women of the Pacific Coast engaged professionally in literary work.

The everwidening field of the writer's legitimate labors calls imperatively for more and better equipped workers. Realizing this demand and opportunity, the members of the P. C. W. P. A. have been busy with brain and pen during the past few months - which, in a way, has been a period of readjustment for us all.

The quality of work submitted for discussion and friendly criticism has been promising. Two members have published books during the year. One attractive booklet, containing a collection of verses, and an Easter Convocation, written and published in an artistic folder and sold for the benefit of the Association at one of its functions, make up the report of published work, outside of the short story, newspaper and eidtorial work done regularly by members, and complete a record with which we are well pleased.

On the second Monday of each month programs of literary and musical
character have been given, as usual, for the pleasure of members and guests. Much of the talent for these entertainments has been supplied from the membership. The social gatherings have been especially well attended and the membership augmented by the addition of names well and favorably known in literary circles.

The Club's participation in Federation activities is necessarily
limited, but it stands ever ready to further the advance of the Literary
Section of the City and County Federation of Women's Clubs.

One illustration of cooperation in work other than literary was the
service of Mrs. L. D. Pfeiffer, captain, and her team, in the recent
Salvation Army drive, which collected $1,62.50 for the cause.

OFFICERS 1918-1919

Mrs. Henry C. Bunker, President
Mrs. E. D. Donovan, Past President
Mrs. Ina Weston, First Vice-President
Mrs. Jeanne Francoeur, Second Vice-President
Mrs. A. K. Wilkins, Third Vice-President
Dr. Anna Nicholson, Fourth Vice-President
Mrs. Daniel C. Deasy, Fifth Vice-President
Dr. Cora Sutton Castle, Recording Secretary
Mrs. Harriet Austin, Corresponding Secretary
Mrs. J. Emmet Hayden, Assistant Recording Secretary
Mrs. H. H. Gray, Financial Secretary
Mrs. Walter T. Lyon, Treasurer
Mrs. Augusta Borle, Auditor
Miss Mary Fairbrother, Parliamentarian
Ms. L. Y. Pinney, Historian and Librarian

OFFICERS 1919-1920

Mrs. Nellie Blessing Eyester, President Emeritus
Mrs. Ina Coolbrith, Honorary President
Mrs. Ina Bradstreet Weston, President
Mrs. Sara Mayo Bunker, Past President
Mrs. L. Juilliard, First Vice-President
Mrs. E. D. Donovan, Second Vice-President
Mrs. Daniel C. Deasy, Third Vice-President
Mrs. Harriet H. Gray, Fourth Vice-President
Miss Bessie Roche, Fifth Vice-President
Mrs. E. P. Hopkins, Corresponding Secretary
Mrs. C. H. Raven, Recording Secretary
Miss Sarah Burnett, Assistant Recording Secretary
Mrs. Pietro Coronna, Financial Secretary
Mrs. Walter T. Lyon, Treasurer
Mrs. Augusta Borle, Auditor
Miss Mary Fairbrother, Parliamentarian
Ms. Laura Y. Pinney, Historian and Librarian

OFFICERS 1920-1921

Mrs. Ina Weston, President
Mrs. Harriet H. Gray, First Vice-President
Mrs. N. L. Nelson, Second Vice-President
Mrs. Daniel C. Deasy, Third Vice-President
Miss Bessie Roche, Fourth Vice-President
Mrs. E. M. Burke, Fifth Vice-President
Mrs. C. H. Raven, Recording Secretary
Mrs. Encie F. Hopkins, Corresponding Secretary
Mrs. P. Coronna, Financial Secretary
Mrs. Sarah Burnett, Assistant Secretary
Mrs. Walter Lyon, Treasurer
Mrs. Augusta Borle, Auditor
Miss Mary Fairbrother, Parliamentarian
Mrs. L. Pinney, Historian and Librarian


Mrs. Edith M. Smith, President
Organized 1902
Federated 1916
Meets first and third Wednesdays

The Papyrus Club was organized primarily to promote music, drama and art, and includes in its membership many well known artists.

Our club programs consist almost entirely of talent from our membership and have won for the Club an enviable reputation, because of their high standards, the sociability of its members and doing things just different.

An innovation was the evening reception given to the president, where the husbands and friends were entertained with cards and dancing.

Our jolly Christmas Jinks will long be remembered. Mrs. Lydia W. Lister wrote the sketch which was put on by the Dramatic Section. Several programs were given by them for the soldiers at the Presidio and one at the Sequoia Club.

While not directly interested in civics, we never turn a deaf ear to any worthy cause, contributing yearly to the Americanization fund and various other philanthropic appeals. With a very efficient corps of officers assisting in conducting the affairs of the Club and the members who stand every ready to assist, our past president, Kathleen L. Byrne, and Mrs. Ira Crosscup, whose efforts have been untiring, the finances are in a splendid condition.

The club rooms at Sorosis Hall, lend themselves beautifully to our diversified programs.

There has been but one cloud to mar out happiness, the passing of our
much beloved past president, Florence Richmond, a brilliant woman and
loyal club member.

Papyrus Club has accorded me the honor of electing me its president for
the second year. I look forward with anticipation and pleasure to
helping guide the future of so delightful a club.

OFFICERS 1918-1919

Mrs. Wade J. Williams, President
Mrs. Albert J. Mitchell, First Vice-President
Mrs. J. C. Wendt, Second Vice-President
Mrs. Martyn Troy, Recording Secretary
Mrs. Wm. Jay Conroy, Corresponding Secretary
Mrs. Theo. Lunstedt, Financial Secretary
Mrs. J. Herzog, Treasurer
Mrs. Roy Steiner, Historian
Mrs. August Droesel, Business Secretary


Mrs. William Little
Mrs. Helen K. Williams
Mrs. E. K. Taylor
Mrs. Celine Straus
Mrs. Chas. Goetting

OFFICERS 1919-1920

Mrs. Edith M. Smith, President
Mrs. Josephine Swan White, First Vice-President
Mrs. J. C. Wendt, Second Vice-President
Mrs. Edward R. Place, Recording Secretary
Mrs. N. Lawrence Nelson, Corresponding Secretary
Mrs. J. Henshaw, Treasurer
Mrs. Kathleen Byrne, Historian
Mrs. Theodore Lunstedt, Financial Secretary


Mrs. C. L. Goetting
Mrs. Edward Place
Mrs. John Holst
Mrs. A. Seibrecht
Mrs. Rose Pistolesi
Mrs. Lillian Leonhart

OFFICERS 1920-1921

Mrs. Edith M. Smith, President
Mrs. Edward R. Place, First Vice-President
Mrs. J. C. Wendt, Second Vice-President
Mrs. A. C. Radke, Recording Secretary
Mrs. Val J. Curtis, Financial Secretary
Mrs. Ira O. Crosscup, Corresponding Secretary
Mrs. Lydia W. Lester, Business Secretary
Mrs. J. Henshaw, Treasurer
Mrs. Kathleen Byrne, Historian


Mrs. A. Seibrecht
Mrs. Louis Richards
Mrs. N. Lawrence Nelson
Mrs. Frank Phillips
Mrs. John Holst


Mrs. Clotilde H. Todd, President
Organized 1916
Federated 1917
Meets first and third Fridays

The founding of the P.E. O. Sisterhood at Mt. Pleasant, Iowa, in the Wesleyan University, January 20, 1869, was the result of college friendship. Seven college girls banded themselves together, forming a local society from which emerged a national organization.

Objects and Aims: The object of this society shall be a general improvement, which shall comprehend more especially the following points:

1. Individual growth in charity toward all with whom we associate, and a just comprehension and adherence to the qualities of Faith, Love, Purity, Justice and Truth.

2. To seek growth in knowledge and in mental culture, and to obtain all possible wisdom from nature, art, books, study, society, and to radiate all light possible by conversation, by writing, and by the right exercise of any talent we possess.

3. To aim at moral culture, self control, equipoise and symmetry of character, and at temperature in opinions, speech and habits.

The line of work for the year 1919-1920, consisted in many acts of local
charity. The Chapter bought Health Bonds of the Red Cross; also
contributed to the Y. M. C. A. during their drive. Gave thirty-three
garments and moneys to the Needle-Work Guild of America.

We took part in the Federation Fete at the Fairmont Hotel, having a booth.

The goal P. E. O.'s have been striving for - one hundred thousand
dollars in the treasury of the Educational fund - has more than been realized.

This is a "loan fund established and maintained by the P. E. O.
Sisterhood to be used in assisting worthy young women to higher
education with a view to self-support."

"We think of our dollars as stones dropped into water, causing it to
move in waves, influencing every atom"; just so do our dollars help
those "who go out in the sea of humanity."

Only eternity will reveal the power for good the mites we have given to
the fund from year to year, for the higher education and uplift of our
sisters, from the North, South, East and West.

OFFICERS 1918-1919

Mrs. Clotilde H. Todd, President
Mrs. Martha H. Nance, Vice-President
Mrs. De Ette C. Carver, Recording Secretary
Mrs. Mildred Clemens, Corresponding Secretary
Miss Alice P. Bowen, Treasurer
Mrs. Daisy P. Crocker, Chaplain
Mrs. Lillian L. Saxe, Guard
Mrs. Dixie C. Samuels, Journalist
Mrs. Adah T. Elmendorf, Historian
Miss Alice P. Bowen, Pianist

OFFICERS 1919-1920

Mrs. Daisy P. Crocker, President
Mrs. De Ette C. Carver, Vice-President
Mrs. Adah T. Elmendorf, Recording Secretary
Mrs. Dixie C. Samuels, Corresponding Secretary
Mrs. Martha H. Nance, Treasurer
Mrs. Clotilde H. Todd, Chaplain
Mrs. Lillian L. Saxe, Guard
Mrs. Jessie G. Bovyer, Journalist
Mrs. Adah T. Elmendorf, Historian
Miss Alice P. Bowen, Pianist

OFFICERS 1920-1921

Mrs. Mildred Clemens, President
Mrs. O. Samuels, Vice-President
Mrs. R. T. Crocker, Recording Secretary
Mrs. J. C. Ogden, Corresponding Secretary
Mrs. Alice Bowen, Treasurer
Colors: Yellow and White
Flower: Marguerite

Transcribed by Elaine Sturdevant


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