Mrs. Aurelius E. Buckingham, President

Organized 1887 Federated 1916
Meetings - First Mondays from October to June

There is little to add to the very comprehensive report given in the last Year Book of the City Federation of Women's Clubs.

This Auxiliary keeps to its organized lines for the promotion of social, literary and practical religious work. We have passed the last two years most happily and with benefit to all. We have enjoyed lectures, concerts and plays.

The Art Section, under the leadership of Miss E. Treat, has enjoyed many mornings at the Palace of Fine Arts. The Japanese Prints have been studied and the Rembrandt collection of etchings viewed understandingly.

We are endeavoring to promote a social fellowship among our members.
With this idea in mind, and also as a means to reimburse our treasury, Mrs. Samuel Austin Wood opened her house and a delightful dance was enjoyed. It proved so successful that in the months to come we expect to have a number of these gatherings.




OFFICERS 1918-1919

Miss Emily I. Wade, President
Mrs. John McGaw, First Vice-President
Mrs. C. S. S. Dutton, Second Vice-President
Mrs. Samuel Austin Wood, Third Vice-President
Mrs. Reginald Wise, Recording Secretary
Mrs. Frank L. Sumner, Corresponding Secretary
Mrs. H. Seymour Tittle, Business Secretary
Mrs. Frederick G. Canney, Treasurer

OFFICERS 1919-1920

Mrs. Aurelius Buckingham, President
Mrs. Frank W. Sumner, First Vice-President
Mrs. C. S. S. Dutton, Second Vice-President
Mrs. Samuel Austin Wood, Third Vice-President
Mrs. J. B. Crawford, Fourth Vice-President
Mrs. Reginald Wise, Recording Secretary
Mrs. Frank J. Cooper, Corresponding Secretary
Mrs. Seymour Tittle, Business Secretary
Mrs. Frederick G. Canney, Treasurer

OFFICERS 1920-1921

Mrs. Frederick G. Canney, President
Mrs. C. S. S. Dutton, First Vice-President
Mrs. S. G. Hindes, Second Vice-President
Mrs. S. A. Wood, Third Vice-President
Mrs. Chauncey McGovern, Recording Secretary
Mrs. F. F. Cooper, Corresponding Secretary
Mrs. Joy Lichtenstein, Business Secretary
Mrs. George Cluff, Treasurer


Federated 1920
Meets third Fridays

The Community Parent-Teacher's Association is organized to assist
parent-teacher association endeavor throughout the State; to give
direction when requested; to promote active citizenship in the schools
and communities by the medium of socialized school and community

The membership is limited to twelve active members who are specialists
in some line of educational endeavor.

Meetings are held on the third Friday of each month.

Round-table discussions of educational programs follow the presentation
of some subject under discussion by an invited speaker.


Mrs. H. A. Kluegel, President
Mrs. W. H. Shockley, President


Mrs. Cecil Wirt Mark, President
Organized 1898
Federate 1916
Meets second and fourth Thursdays

Corona Club was organized twenty-two years ago, with a limited number of 200. This continued until last September, when our district and state presidents recommended that all clubs work for a larger membership. The limitation was accordingly removed, and by instituting a membership campaign we have added sixty-two to our number.

The war work consumed most of the time that our members had to devote to activities outside of the home in 1918 and 1919; our club holding three Red Cross meetings each week. The regular club work lay somewhat dormant
until this year, 1919-1920, when there was great activity noted in all lines.

We assumed the support of a Servian Baby for one year at seventy-two dollars.

In April last we sponsored a theater party for the near East relief from which we realized over $200.

The sections have been busy; the civic working to make this great city a better place in which to live.

The social service section concentrating their efforts on the open air
school in the mission, feeding, clothing and doing whatever their hands
found to do to make life happier for those who through necessity were
compelled to go there.

The other sections - Book Review, Child Welfare, Dramatic, and Household
Economics - have all been working enthusiastically, accomplishing much,
and we are all looking upward and onward to greater things.

OFFICERS 1918-1919

Mrs. Cecil Wirt Mark, President
Mrs. John MacLean, First Vice-President
Mrs. John W. Rogers, Second Vice-President
Miss Laura M. Collins, Treasurer
Miss Emma Van Bergen, Secretary
Mrs. E. A. Fotheringham, Corresponding Secretary


Mrs. Hattie E. Herndon
Mrs. W. J. Wright
Mrs. H. C. Worth
Mrs. Cecile Von Seiberlich-Bowley
Mrs. C. R. Petersen

OFFICERS 1919-1920

Mrs. Cecil Wirt Mark, President
Dr. Flora MacLean, First Vice-President
Mrs. John W. Rogers, Second Vice-President
Miss Laura M. Collins, Treasurer
Miss Emma Van Bergen, Secretary
Mrs. E. A. Fotheringham, Corresponding Secretary


Mrs. Cecile Von Seiberlich-Bowley
Mrs. H. E. Leland
Mrs. W. J. Wright
Mrs. W. E. Price
Mrs. F. H. Herbert

OFFICERS 1920-1921

Mrs. Alfred McCullough, President
Mrs. George M. Bernhard, First Vice-President
Mrs. C. R. Petersen, Second Vice-President
Miss Emma Van Bergen, Recording Secretary
Mrs. Nancy Probasco, Corresponding Secretary
Mrs. E. A. Fotheringham, Treasurer


Mrs. George B. Miller
Mrs. W. E. Price
Mrs. Stephen Lunt
Mrs. T. D. M. Lord
Mrs. Paul McCormick


Mrs. Ivy D. Ostrom, President

Organized 1917
Federated 1917
Meets first Thursdays

The Council of San Francisco School Women is composed of the women
principals, vice-principals and high school teachers. It came into being
in September, 1917, taking over the membership and work of Council Two,
Associated Teachers' Councils, which had been in existence for a number
of years. The purpose of the organization is to promote some educational
policy, to raise and uphold professional standing of teachers, and to
foster social intercourse among its members. With these ends in view the
Council meets the first Thursday of every month while school is in
session, at 4:00 p.m., at the Hotel St. Francis. In addition to
discussions and programs supplied by its own members, the Council often
secures outside speakers on timely topics.

OFFICERS 1918-1919

Miss Anne Duffy, President
Mrs. E. T. Burke, Vice-President
Miss Mary Henderson, Treasurer
Miss Julia Coffey, Secretary

OFFICERS 1919-1920

Mrs. Ivy D. Ostrom, President
Miss Georgia Hawkins, Vice-President
Miss Anne P. Hunt, Secretary
Miss Margaret Dunn, Treasurer


Miss Virginia Heath
Miss Nettie Campbell
Miss K. McGivern
Miss Edith Pence
Miss Ida Kervan


Mrs. S. S. Kahn, President
Organized 1900
Federated 1917
Meets second Thursday of month

The San Francisco Section of the Council of Jewish Women was organized in this city in 1900. Although a sectarian organization, it has not confined its activities to things Jewish, but helps wherever necessity calls in the fields of religion, philanthropy, education, and immigrant aid, cooperating with all other societies doing similar work.

The Committee on Immigrant Aid, with Mrs. M. C. Sloss as chairman, is helping women and children immigrants and soon hopes to be able to carry on port work at Angel Island as the National Council is doing at Ellis Island in new York. The National Council of Jewish Women was the only woman's organization recognized by the Federal Government during the war period at Ellis Island.

The Philanthropic Section established the Neighborhood House in the San Bruno Avenue district in 1910. The section has now withdrawn from the San Bruno Avenue district and turned over its equipment to the Emanu El Kindergarten Association, which is carrying on the work so well begun by the Philanthropic Section. They have merged their funds with the Committee of Education and the two committees together are doing Americanization in the Hayes Valley district under the chairmanship of Mrs. L. Goldman. A flat has been furnished at 1200 A Buchanan Street and Miss Newmark is successfully conducting classes for men, women, and children.

In 1915 the committee under the leadership of Miss Rebecca Jacobs
induced the section to pioneer the work of Visiting Home Teacher in this
city. Miss Fox was placed in the John Swett School and is part of the
San Francisco School Department, but the Council of Jewish Women defrays
the entire expense. We are sorry to say that the San Francisco Board of
Education, although appreciating the magnitude of the work of the
Visiting Home Teacher, has in 1920 still but one Visiting Home Teacher.

In 1919 a class in Americanization was held two evenings a week in the
High School of Commerce under the leadership of Miss Newmark and able
assisted by Miss Jacobs, Miss Feineman, and the Misses Goldsmith.

In addition to the work specifically undertaken we keep in touch with
social and communal affairs by contributions and memberships in the
following: Travellers's Aid, Juvenile Protective Association, two Jewish
Consumptive Relief Hospitals in Denver, Recreation League, S. F. Public
Education Society, California Society for the Prevention of Blindness,
and the City Federation of Women's Clubs.

OFFICERS 1918-1919

Mrs. S. Langer, President
Mrs. Martin A. Meyer, First Vice-President
Mrs. J. L. Baer, Second Vice-President
Mrs. S. Spring, Recording Secretary
Mrs. M. L. Friedenthal, Corresponding Secretary
Mrs. Charles Stern, Treasurer
Mrs. M. S. Solomon, Assistant Treasurer
Mrs. Charles S. Rosenbaum, Auditor

OFFICERS 1919-1920

Mrs. S. S. Kahn, President
Miss Adele Falkenstein, First Vice-President
Mrs. L. Frank, Second Vice-President
Mrs. Henry Newburgh, Recording Secretary
Mrs. Felix Kahn, Corresponding Secretary
Mrs. E. P. Ackerman, Treasurer
Mrs. C. Rosenbaum, Auditor

OFFICERS 1920-1921

Mrs. S. S. Kahn, President
Mrs. L. Van Vliet, First Vice-President
Mrs. C. N. Stern, Second Vice-President
Mrs. H. Harris, Recording Secretary
Mrs. Felix Kahn, Corresponding Secretary
Mrs. E. P. Ackerman, Treasurer
Mrs. C. Rosenbaum, Treasurer


Mrs. Ollie French, President
Organized 1915
Federated 1917
Meets first Thursdays

The Society of the Dames of the Loyal Legion is composed of the wives, mothers, daughters and widows of the original members of the Military Order of the Loyal Legion of the United States, the daughters of the descendants of said companions who have attained the age of eighteen years , the widows of officers who were not members of the Military Order of the Loyal Legion, but who were eligible as such, the daughters of such deceased officers, and the daughters of the descendants of said officers in lineal descent from the deceased eligible officer.

The object for which it is formed is to foster the spirit of patriotism and to cherish the memory of those men and women whose distinguished service during the Civil War so largely aided in preserving the integrity of the Government of the United States of America.

The society was organized on April 29, 1915, with six charter members. It now numbers thrity-four. At every monthly meeting new applications are filed and the enthusiasm of the members continues unabated.

Our affiliation with the San Francisco City and County Federation of
Women's Clubs, in September, 1917, has been the means of bringing our
society into contact with other organizations, with decided benefit.
Through the Federation conventions much has been learned, and they have
been of great assistance in carrying out the object of our society, and
enabling us to do out part in all movements for the benefit of our city.

OFFICERS 1918-1920

Mrs. Ollie French, President
Mrs. E. W. Woodward, Sr. Vice-President
Mrs. Olivia Galbraith Wright, Jr. Vice-President
Mrs. Grace Lum, Recorder
Mrs. Ida Severin, Treasurer
Mrs. Emma Horner, Registrar
Mrs. Grace Flood, Historian
Mrs. Roberta Hopkins, Chancellor

OFFICERS 1920-1921

Mrs. Flora Bowley, President
Mrs. Grace Lum, Sr. Vice-President
Mrs. Hattie Tighe, Jr. Vice-President
Mrs. F. Logan, Recorder
Mrs. Olivia Wright, Treasurer
Mrs. Grace Flood, Registrar
Mrs. Marion Clarke, Historian


Mrs. Ellen R. D. Jewell, President
Organized 1900
Federated 1917
Meets first and third Mondays

The purpose of this Society is to promote an interest in the collection and preservation of historical objects, and scientific and literary records pertaining to the History of California.

The Historian of the Society, Mrs. W. A. Limbaugh, reports the following work done by the club:

At the Outside Inn, near the Presidio, a home sponsored by the
Federation of the City and County of San Francisco Clubs, for the parents or relatives of the sick and disabled Army or Navy men, the daughters of California Pioneers furnished a room completely with new bedroom furniture, a large rug, shades and curtains and all the necessities that make a room comfortable for the visitor.

The Daughters have published a Roster of the members and the name of each member's father, thus perpetuating the memory of those brave men who came here before 1850 and made our state the great state it is.

This book is of historical value and the Congressional Library,
Washington, D. C., requested, and now has, one on file. The Historical
Library of Madison, Wisconsin, and the Historical Survey Commission of
Berkeley, California, requested and received copies. The Roster was
published in 1917. The Daughters also report much Red Cross work done
during the late war, also one hundred bound volumes donated to the San
Francisco hospitals. Representatives have been sent by the Daughters to
each meeting of the Old Mission Restoration Committee and will assist in
the new movement to restore and preserve the Old Missions of the State.

OFFICERS 1918-1919

Mrs. E. M. Grant, President
Mrs. E. R. D. Jewell, Vice-President
Mrs. Ella L. Leigh, Recording Secretary
Miss Elizabeth Lathan, Financial Secretary
Mrs. S. S. Palmer, Corresponding Secretary
Mrs. C. F. Lattison, Treasurer
Mrs. W. A. Limbaugh, Historian


Mrs. M. S. Bivin
Mrs. M. J. Murphy
Mrs. Kate Roy
Mrs. E. Lilly

OFFICERS 1919-1920

Mrs. Ellen R. D. Jewell, President
Mrs. K. Siering, Vice-President
Mrs. Ella L. Leigh, Recording Secretary
Mrs. J. H. Ahnden, Financial Secretary
Mrs. L. M. Bartels, Corresponding Secretary
Miss O. Meussdorffer, Treasurer
Mrs. W. A. Limbaugh, Historian


Mrs. E. M. Grant
Mrs. M. J. Murphy
Mrs. M. S. Biven
Mrs. Kate Roy

OFFICERS 1920-1921

Mrs. L. M. Bartels, President
Mrs. Kathering Siering, Vice-President
Miss Charlotte Marsicano, Recording Secretary
Mrs. William Limbaugh, Corresponding Secretary
Mrs. J. H. Ahnden, Financial Secretary
Miss Ottilie Meussdorffer, Treasurer
Mrs. J. J. Donnelly, Historian


Mrs. Walter Scott
Mrs. J. Sammi
Mrs. Jay Deming
Mrs. Kate Roy

(Friends of the Aged)

Mrs. Niels Larsen, President
Federated 1919

De Gamles Venner was organized by the women of the Danish Auxiliary of the American Red Cross who were among the first to answer the call for aid by the National Red Cross Society of the United States. As their services for war work were no longer required by the Red Cross, it was proposed that they form a club for the purpose of raising funds to care for the aged Danes of this community.

The results of their first attempt to raise funds were very encouraging, $1,100 being the net proceeds of a bazaar held at the Golden Gate Commandery Hall. With the aid of the Danish people they aim to raise sufficient funds to carry on their work.




OFFICERS 1919-1920

Mrs. Niels Larsen, President
Mrs. J. J. Jensen, Vice-President
Mrs. H. L. Hansen, Secretary
Mrs. J. Karstensen, Treasurer

OFFICERS 1920-1921

Mrs. Niels Larsen, President
Mrs. P. Petersen, Vice-President
Mrs. H. Evers, Secretary
Mrs. J. Karstensen, Treasurer


Mrs. Frank Gregory Todd, President
Federated 1919
Meets first Friday of each school month

Meetings of the club are held in the Auditorium of Denman School and well attended. To promote patriotism, the meetings were opened with the salute to the Flag, and the recitation in unison of the American creed.

The aims and purposes of the Mothers' Club may be briefly summarized as a work for child welfare in home, school, church and state. It aims to carry the mother love and mother thought into all that concerns or touches childhood; to raise the standards of home life; to develop wiser, better-trained parenthood; to bring into closer relation the home and the school, that parent and teacher may cooperate intelligently in the education of the child; to promote the establishment of kindergartens, and of laws which will adequately care for neglected and dependent children; to interest men and women to cooperate in the work for purer, truer homes, in the belief that to accomplish the best results men and women must work together; to arouse the whole country to a sense of its duty and responsibility to childhood; to surround the childhood of the whole world with that loving wise care in the impressionable years of life that will develop good citizens, and not lawbreakers and criminals. The school must get into closer touch with the home; to accomplish this, parents must be brought into sympathy and cooperation with the school. Since the rights and interests of all parents are equal in the school, so all should be equally welcomed in the Mothers' Club and given a share in its activities.

Feeling that the conservation of health of our people is of vital
importance, and to further universal health, education and protection,
to give to young girls and women instruction in elementary nursing,
personal hygiene and household sanitation, that they may care for
members of their families during minor ailments, and be in better
position to carry out the orders of their physician in the absence of a
graduate nurse and that they may put into practical operation such
nursing procedures as may be entrusted to them, our club has organized
six classes in Home Hygiene and Care of the Sick to be followed by a
course in First Aid, which is given by the San Francisco Chapter, Red
Cross, of which Miss Julia Hinckle is the Educational Director. Mrs. M.
V. Donaldson, representing the Red Cross from this department, is the

The Denman School Mothers' Club gives a program and reception to each
graduating class at the end of each school term.

The President of the Club, Mrs. Frank G. Todd, gives to the children of
the Denman School every Saturday morning a personal conducted
educational campaign, visiting the most modern manufacturing plants in
our city, the slogan being "See San Francisco first." Twelve to fifteen
children from each of the grammar grades are voted upon by the children
in the respective classes who are to go each Saturday morning. Different
children are expected to go on each trip about the city. Thus far they
have visited and written compositions on the United States Post Office,
U. S. Mint, Illinois Pacific Glass Works, American Biscuit Company, and
on May 1, 1920, they are to have a real May Day treat by taking a trip
on the San Francisco Bay to Vallejo, where they will be guests of the
Sperry Flouring Mills. Many instructive trips to various plants are
being planned by Mrs. Todd for this city, after which she will take them
on tours across the Bay and visit Oakland's manufacturing plants. This
is one of the finest educational lessons for the children and one they
will never forget.

OFFICERS 1918-1920

Mrs. Frank Gregory Todd, President
Miss Hannah Phillips, First Vice-President
Mrs. Carl Geilfus, Second Vice-President
Mrs. William E. Weichhart, Secretary
Mrs. Thomas J. Morton, Treasurer


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