The following is a list of the advertisers that are in the City and
County Federation of Women's Clubs in San Francisco Yearbook for the
years 1918 - 1921.


Aladdin Studio Tiffin Room - Luncheon - 220 Post Street, SF
Allen, Wiley B. Co.- All things musical - 135 Kearny St., 217 Sutter
St., SF; 1209 Washington , Oakland and 199 South First, San Jose
Anderson, Nita - Corset Shop - 649,651,653 Phelan Bldg. SF
Aunt Jemima Mills Co., St. Joseph, MO
Apperson - Hartmann Motor Co., 1910 Van Ness Ave., SF
Carroll - Fred W, Hauger Motors Co., Bush and Larkin Sts., SF
Chevrolet Motor Co., Foothill Blvd, at 69th Avenue, Oakland
Cunningham - The Cunningham Car Co., 1737-49 Jackson St., SF
Owen Magnetic Automobile Co., 1002 Post St., SF
Standard Eight - White-Humphries Motor Co., Inc., Van Ness at Pacific, SF
Stearns Knight - White-Humphries Motor Co., Inc., Van Ness at Pacific, SF
Automobile Accessories:
Able Combination Auto Lock, 731 Folsom St., SF
American Auto Painting Co., Van Ness at Eddy, SF
Atlas Auto Top Manufacturing Co., 1619 Pine St., Near Van Ness, SF
Auto Body Co., Laguna and Grove Sts., SF
Anglo-California Trust Co. Bank, Market and Sansome St., Third and
Twentieth, Sixteenth and Mason, Fillmore and Geary, SF
Bank of Italy, Junction Market, Mason and Turk Sts., Montgomery and Clay Sts., SF
French American Bank of Savings, 108 Sutter St., SF
Mercantile Trust Co., 464 California St., SF
Union Trust Co., Junction of Market and O'Farrell Sts. and Grant Ave., SF
Bekins - Storage - Thirteenth and Mission Sts., SF
Bentz, Nathan & Co., 570 Sutter St., SF and Santa Barbara, CA
Blu'n Gold - Milk
Booth, F. E. & Co. - Sardines - 110 Market St., SF
Boussum - Photographs, 133 Geary St., Whitney Bldg., SF
Brandenstein, M. J. & Co. - Coffee - 665 Third St., SF
Byington Electric Co., 1809 Fillmore St. above Sutter, SF
Byron Hot Springs, 168 O'Farrell St., SF
Cafe Marquard, Harry Marquard, Proprietor - Geary at Mason/Columbia Theatre, SF
California Almond Growers' Exchange - T.C.Tucker, Manager, 311 California St. SF
California Clock Co., 133 Geary St., 418-419 Whitney Bldg., SF
Canadian Pacific - Transportation by land and water, 657 Market St., SF
Caswell, George W. & Co. - Coffee - 442-452 Second St., SF
Cement, Mt. Diablo
Chinn-Beretta - Optical Service, 120 Geary St., 164 Powell St., SF, 476 13th St., Oakland
City of Paris - Dry Goods - Geary Stockton & O'Farrell
Collonan Electrical and Manufacturing Co., 3203-5-9-11 Mission St., Near 28th, SF
Coewll, Henry Lime and Cement Co., 2 Market St., SF
Dairy Delivery Co. - Milk and Cream
Darbee - Florist - 1036 Hyde St. near California, SF
Dorothy, The - Gowns - 370 Geary St. Upstairs, SF
Dudley Business College, 525 Sutter St., SF
Fleischmann's Yeast
Forestier, E. H. & Co. - Jewelry - Jeweler's Bldg, 150 Post St. Room 201, SF
Foster & Wright - Chiropractors - 830 Market St., Gillette Bldg., Rooms 708-9-10-11, SF
Friedman, M. & Co. - Furniture - 259 to 271 Post St. near Stockton, SF
Ghirardelli, D. & Co. - Ground Chocolate, Since 1852, SF
Gump, S. & G. Co. - Fine Art and China - 246-268 Post St., SF
Hahn Optical Co., 766 Phelan Bldg, 7th Floor, 760 Market St., SF
Hale's - Dry Goods - Market at Fifth, SF
Hanan & Son - Shoes, 157-159 Geary St., SF
Hind, Ralph & Co.
Harry Hoefler's Chocolates, SF
Hoosier Store, The - Household Necessities - Pacific Bldg., Fourth and
Market Sts, SF and 1774 Broadway St., Oakland
Bellevue, Al T. Lundborg and Ernest L. Drury, Managers; Geary at Taylor Sts., SF
Cecil, Mrs. O. E. Morris, Proprietor; Post and Taylor Sts., SF
Claremont, Berkeley
Fairmont - D. M. Linnard, Lessee; LeRoy Linnard, Manager; SF
Palace, In the Heart of the Dinancial District, SF
St. Francis
Whitcomb, J. H. Van Horne, Manager; at Civic Center, SF
Hoyt's Doughnuts, SF
Jager, F. C. & Son, Florists, 152 Powell St. between Ellis and O'Farrell, SF
Ki-Ko - Removal Superfluous Hair, 1530 Franklin St., Oakland
King Ambulance Co., 2570 Bush St., SF
Kramer, P. - Renovation of comforters, 86 Third St., SF
Kuttner Optometric Co., Suite 206-7-8 and 262, Phelan Bldg., SF
Lachman Bros. - Furniture - Mission and 16th St., SF
Levin's Flower Shop, 1803 Fillmore St. near Sutter, SF
Liberty Cleaning and Dyeing Co., 3344 Fillmore St. at Chestnut St., and 752 Market St., SF
Liebes, H. & Co. - Furs and suits, Grant Ave. at Post St.
Lipton's Tea
Little Fur Shop, 557 Geary St., SF
Livingston Bros. - Women's Apparel - Grant Ave., corner Geary St., SF
Maskey's Candy, 52 Kearny St., SF
Matson Navigation Co. - to Hawaii - 120 Market St., SF
Mauzy, Byron - Pianos - 250 Stockton St., SF and 575 Fourteenth St., Oakland
Maxine Food Products Co., 247 Bush St., SF
McDowell School - Dressmaking and Millinery, 259 Geary St., SF
McHenry Studios - Moving Pictures - 220 Post St., SF
Mills, A. D. - General Insurance, 311 California St., SF
Mills College, Oakland
New Quality Lunch Room, 228 Grant Ave., Third Floor, SF
O'Brien, David - Roller Canaries, 223 Twenty-fifth Ave., SF
O'Connor, Moffatt & Co. - Dry Goods - Post St. near Grant Ave., SF
Pacific Mail Steamship Co. - Passenger and Freight Service, 508 California St., SF
Persian Rug Cleaning Co., 3828-3830 California St., SF
Poole & Mocker - Hair Dressing, 291 Geary St. at Powell, Room 201, St.
Paul Bldg, SF
Powder Puff, The - Beauty Salon - 212 Stockton St., Corner Geary, SF
Print Rooms, The - Etchings, Engravings - 540 Sutter St., SF
Raymond Granite Co., 3 Potrero Avenue, SF
Red Cross Telephone Mouthpiece Co., Pantages Bldg., SF
Riley, Edward - Furs, 101 Post St., SF
Rowe School - Business Training, Monadnock Bldg., SF
San Francisco Plating Works - Gold, silver, nickel - 1349-1351 Mission St., SF
Shreve & Co. - Jewelry - Post Street at Grant Ave., SF
Shreve, Treat & Eacret - Jewelry - 136 Geary St., SF
Sommer & Kaufmann - Shoes - SF
Sonora - Phonograph, 109 Stockton St., Between O'Farrell and Geary, SF
Sperry Flour Co.
Stiver, Madame - Electrolysis - 133 Geary St., Whitney Bldg., Suite 723,
SF and First National Bank Bldg., Suite 424, Oakland
Szymanski, Etienne de - Insurance Broker, 318 American National Bank Bldg., SF
Thomas, G. F. - Dyeing and Cleaning, 859 Fourteenth St., SF
Hewitt, Weinstock-Nichols Co., 538 Golden Gate Ave., SF and 2300 Broadway, Oakland
Keaton Tire & Rubber Co., SF, Oakland, Los Angeles, Portland, Seattle
Overtire Company, Oakland, SF and Sacramento
Savage; The Spreckels "Savage" Tire Co., San Diego
Tuckey, H. W. & Co. - Jewelry - 140 Geary St. Fifth Floor, SF
Walsh, A. M. - Gabriel Snubber - 1035 Post St., SF
Western Canning Co., Oakland
Western Fancy Goods Co. - Hair Dye - 19-23 Sansome St., SF
White House, The
Willard's - Women's Apparel - 139-153 Geary St., SF
Winkle Riding Boots, 370 Geary St., SF
Wobber, Edward H. - Stationery and Engraving, 774 Market St., SF
Wooster, John F. & Co. - Optical Work, 234 Stockton St., SF
Y. W. C. A., Administration Bldg, 620 Sutter St., SF

Transcribed by Elaine Sturdevant


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