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 The Following Surnames have been my main concentration so far if you click on one of the following links it will take you to that family page. Included on the pages are: lineage, photo's and interesting facts where applicable and links to other family researchers.

Cranford- 1780 to pesent -SC, AL, MS, AR, AZ, CA, WA

Cranford- Wilkes, Jenkins, Blevins, Stringer, Speegle, Jones, Gibson, Townley, Rawls, Spiva (Spivey), Thompson, Tubbs, Childress, Randolph, Morris.

 Redwine-1600 to present - Germany, SC, GA, MS, AR, TX, CA

Redwine - Cox, Hunt, O'Kelley, Sewell, Moss, (Gullatt, Guillot ,Gulick), Addington, Davis, Goodwen, Johnson, Echols, (Bates) Pope, Rawls, Cockrell, Norris, Mathis, Montgomery, Daniels, Tart, Holliman, Eoff, Fisher, Lester, (Barnett) Harley, Ault, Griffin, DeLee, Wilbert, Hammonds, Burrough.

Rawls - 1700 to present, England, VA, SC, MS, AR, OK, TX, AZ, CA

Rawls-Ralls, Kinsler, (Kinslow,Kinsalo) Throgmorton (Throckmorton), Echols, Chitwood, Hall, McCaslin, Ryan, Bum, Maner, Jones, Spiva (Spivey), Cranford.

I recently received the journal of Sophia Adams Goodrum (Joeseph Rawls' granddaughter) and will be adding pertainent info as I find it- Thank you Betty Worley!

 Spiva ( Spivey) - bfr.1790 to present - VA, MO, IL, AR, TX, AZ, TX

Spiva ( Spivey)- Cain, Copeland, McKinley, Talley, Robbins, Orrell, Mathews, Spears, Ward, McGrew, Hall, Fisher, Cranford, Rawls, McDaniel, Waycasey, Craddock, Henderson, Matthews, Hoozer, Trammell.

Hinkle- 1500 to present - Germany, PA, KS, CO, AZ, CA
Hinkle - Peterson, Jernigan, Parsons, Stevens
Nowels - 1750 to 1920 - VA, OH, KS
Nowels-Fugate, Bird, Sweazy, Francy, Hinkle,
( I have been really looking for this side of the family if you fit in here please email me and lets share! )

Warner- 1820 to 1900 - NJ, PA, CO,

Stevens -1790 to 1920 - CT, PA, KS, CO, AZ, CA

There are some pictures and lineage.. up to my great grandmother Myrtle Stevens and her sisters.

Ruggles- back to William Ruggles b. 1469- A lot of info on the Samuel Ruggles family. The first group of missionaries to the Sandwich Islands in 1819.

Mansfield/Banta- 1870 to 1930 - Ireland, NY, CA

Mansfield, Murray, Banta

And I thought my Dad's side of the family was colorful! ... Both of my mother's parents were adopted... and my starting point has been only a few clues of family lore as both of my grandparents have passed away.. I started digging and didn't believe what I found!! Marie Eleanor Mansfield was my great grandmother, she had quite a life... You can read the Articles from the San Francisco Examiner here.. Quite a woman for the time she lived in.... seems she lived her life in the public eye......

For those of you following the story, here are some articles published prior to "little Maria's birth: David Hanbury and his wife Marie Eleanor Mansfield Hanbury.

 McPherson/Shanahan- 1810 to present -Cork and Waterford Ireland, Nova Scotia, Massachusetts, California.

McPherson, Shanahan (Shannon), Colbert, Colby, McDonnell(McDonald), Gogin, Chennery, White, Lafferty, Fahey, Hurley, Holloran, Flynn, Slater, Hogan, DeLaney, etc.

I have Irish source docs for the 5 Shanahan Sisters from County Cork and Waterford, Ireland. Also listed are their descendants.

My Grandfather's adopted name was George Bernard McPherson b. 1887 in San Francisco CA ( possibly ), the only clues I have had to work with on this line are: His adopted mother, Caroline Shanahan McPherson, was his aunt and that his parents died in an accident when he was very young. According to the CA, San Francisco 1900 census Caroline lists herself and her parents as being born in Ireland. Family lore is she immigrated with 8 or 9 sisters( I know of Hannah and Margaret) , one stayed in Ireland, county Cork. His adopted father was John McPherson from Nova Scotia. He had told my grandmother that his last name was Lee, but I am exploring Shanahan as well.

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